By Ed Henry


Once again the Comedy News Network (CNN) and the rest of the press has proven that the era of “watchdog” journalism is over. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were the last of the breed of investigative journalists.

On Thursday, December 28th, President Clinton held another press conference. In this one, he again laid out what he hopes will go down in history as his legacy.

The Clinton legacy

William Jefferson Clinton told reporters that one of his greatest accomplishments was that he and Al Gore have been responsible for eight years of economic boom where, for the first time in history, the government has a surplus and has used that surplus to pay down the national debt. Stripping away the spin, here’s what it means.

If you give the Clinton administration $100 billion from Social Security excess payments, they will apply this money to paying off part of one side of the national debt and save six or seven billion in annual real cash interest payments. This saves approximately $6.5 billion that the government would otherwise have to pay investors every year. Investors who loaned the government money to drive the Russians into the ground economically, win the Cold War and, since 1988, have continued giving in order to support a false economy.

What a sweat deal! For every $100 that every working American pays in extra FICA taxes that Social Security and Medicare do not presently need, the government will save 6.5 dollars. Clinton even promises to somehow give part of this savings back to Social Security. Maybe as much as three or four dollars. How can anyone go wrong? Convert $100 into three or four. What smart money management. What a great investment in our future.

On top of that, and the part that no one understands or admits, after spending this $100 billion, the Beltway pirates will credit the Social Security Trust Fund with $100 billion in new debt, plus annual interest thrown on top of the debit black hole compost.

This will, of course, add to the national debt tending to balance everything out, but who cares? The interest paid here isn’t real money. It’s just more nonmarketable “special obligation” promissory notes that you or your children will have to redeem someday.

Throw in some real savings from surplus income tax money paid against the national debt, and the debt will not rise as much as usual. There might even come a day when the national debt total might actually go down a little bit.

Clinton claims that his plan will have the national debt paid off in 10 years, although the only way that can happen is that, once the entire debt is held by entitlement trust funds, once it’s all moved from one credit card to another, nonmarketable bonds are simply eliminated, wiped from the books, bankrupted.

All this without having to cut back on any plans for world banking, the New World Order, campaign finance and corporate payback, or any pork-barrel spending on the part of Congress or the administration. Why should they be frugal?

Clinton has explained all this before, and will do so again, anytime someone asks. Of course, no one asks him to do so.

Does the press care? Do any of the brilliant investigative minds of journalists who hear this story once again have any questions to ask? Is there any follow-up to what the president just laid out for them once again? Hell, no!


Every so-called reporter in the room has an aversion to numbers. They are all products of the “dumbing of America” sent there to do a job. They don’t even know that the national debt went up $18 billion in fiscal 2000. Besides, they have their own agenda.

Once the president is finished, once he’s through with all that yadda, yadda that he wanted to talk about on national television, then the press has its opportunity to do its job. To ask the prepared questions they were sent to ask. The questions that their superiors back in the newsroom want answered. The real problems of the moment. The things other actors and performers will analyze and report on the evening news.

In this most recent example, the questioning all centered on the Palestinian problem. What Clinton thought was going to happen at the scheduled conference between the Israelis and Arabs due to take place in Washington shortly.

Of course, Clinton knows full well that this is going to happen. Just pick the time for any statement you want to make on national television, and you will be able to say anything you want without any explanation whatsoever. He’s prepared for it. And the rest of the allotted time is absorbed by whatever current news the investigative media wants him to talk about.

No questions. No explanations. No being backed into a corner. Just make whatever didactic statement you want to make. Hitler was the last to have it so lucky.

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