Spooky poem for Halloween: The Empty Lot

I hope you enjoy the chills herein. Every time I pass an empty city lot that still has a few remnants of its occupants, my mind runs wild.

One cold day in the center of town

I drove down an empty street

full of old, uncared for houses all around

until I came to an empty, overgrown lot

and stopped.

A stealthy inner voice said ‘Look it over,

the sprawling bushes are hiding a lot.’

I got out of the car

and walked up a driveway that led to nothing

but the slab of a garage floor.

I saw a narrow sidewalk,

but it led to a half sunk porch

in front of a rotten piece of door.

That’s when I heard the music sung

by thin voices that seemed far away

or were they?

There was one huge tree

with a strong distinctive side branch

that I hadn’t noticed before.

A loud voice in my head

said ‘just a FEW steps more…’

And that’s when the singing became loud

as I came around the tree

and I saw three wisps of translucent children playing

with something that looked like rope, dangling free.

They sang off key

in strident voices three

‘Drag him over here Harry

and I’ll get the horse.

We’ve got a hangin to do.

That dog’s showin’ no remorse.’

I froze where I stood

but wrenched my eyes down the road.

Not a soul was around

I was… almost? completely alone.

And then the vision had changed

to three children and a swing

and with sweet voices I could still hear them sing.

And in one move they all looked through me

laughed, then returned to their play.

And I visibly shivered

and looked down with a groan

for I saw no more soft flesh,

only aged and clean bone.

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