Stamps raise money, awareness for breast cancer research

Stamps raise money, awareness for breast cancer research


It would be wonderful if 2003 were the year a cure for breast cancer were found. The notion that we could raise $35 million by buying a book of stamps is powerful! As you may be aware, the U.S. Postal Service is offering a new “Fund the Cure” stamp to help fund breast cancer research. The stamp was designed by Ethel Kessler of Bethesda, Md.

It is important that we take a stand against this disease that kills and maims so many of our mothers, sisters and friends. Instead of the normal 37 cents for a stamp, this one costs 45 cents. The additional 8 cents will go to breast cancer research. A “normal” book of stamps costs $7.40; this one is $9.

It takes a few minutes in line at the Post Office and means so much. If all stamps are sold, it will raise an additional $35 million for research.

What a statement it would make if the stamp outsold the lottery this week. What a statement it would make that we care. Two ways to help support the cause would be to, 1. Go out and purchase some of these stamps, and, 2. E-mail your friends to do the same. Many of us know women and their families whose lives are turned upside-down by breast cancer. It takes so little to do so much in this drive.

If you can afford the extra $1.60 for a book of stamps, it is an easy way to help.

In fall 2003, the Postal Service will issue the Stop Family Violence semipostal to raise funds for domestic violence programs. According to recent legislation, the Department of Health and Human Services is the executive agency that will receive and distribute the funds.

More on this and an upcoming stamp for support of domestic violence programs is available at:, which shows $29.8 million has been raised for breast cancer research as of Jan. 24.

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