Stress Relief Center offers therapy to help people unwind

In our increasingly hectic society, more and more people are searching for additional ways to reduce stress. Chuck Squires, owner of Stress Relief Center, hopes people will consider massage therapy as an effective way to unwind.

Squires opened the 1101 Belmont Blvd. business in November 2003. He explained that his interest in this field dates back to his days as a college football player. Like many athletes, he took advantage of the relief a massage offers. He went on to work in other professions, but became more interested in massage therapy when his daughter was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Not wanting to play the role of “the helpless parent,” Squires pursued this new career as a way to provide relief and comfort to his daughter throughout her life. He attended the Chicago School of Massage and became a Certified Massage Therapist after completing 662 hours of training. After being in practice for a few months, he hired another massage therapist, Bethany Dalton, giving clients the option of a male or female therapist. Currently, they see about 25 clients a week.

Of the different forms of massage the Stress Relief Center offers, Squires specializes in the therapeutic variety. He described it as a “heavy-handed massage” that will benefit those suffering from deep aches and pains. He estimates that this full-body massage constitutes 99 percent of his business. He is also skilled in the gentler, Swedish massage, which is performed strictly for relaxation purposes. Deep-tissue massages are available as well. “True deep tissue is very muscle specific,” Squires said. During this massage, one area of the body is worked on intensely for the entire time period. The business also features less extensive options, such as chair massage. Squires and Dalton will visit any business or function and give 10-to 15-minute “tune-ups,” concentrating on the neck, shoulder and back areas while a client relaxes in a chair. “Chair massage is a great way for someone to experience a mini massage,” Squires stated. He said more and more businesses are hiring massage therapists because studies show that employees who have regular massages experience lower injury and illness rates.

Squires believes there are numerous benefits to massage therapy. “First and foremost, massage just feels great.” He explained it aids circulation in the body and can help alleviate aches, pains and headaches. Clients can also enjoy being the sole and complete center of attention during a massage. “It’s not about what we want to do. It’s about what do you want to do,” said Squires.

On average, massages at Stress Relief Center are one hour long. First-time clients pay a special rate of $35, and each consecutive visit costs $45. He hopes the affordable rates will allow him to gain a larger clientele and eventually build a second location. For more information or to make an appointment at Stress Relief Center, call 633-5126.

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