Stuart Davis releases CD at Kryptonite Oct. 25

Stuart Davis will have a CD release at Kryptonite for his latest output, Belle, at 10 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 25 with a $5 cover. Davis, a native of Des Moines, Iowa, claims he’s a Zen Buddhist and enforces his studies and philosophies in his music. In his promo packet, under bulleted profile titles, he said his “philosophy” is simply that “love has no opposite,” he has invented one language, published two books and engages in one hour of meditation daily, plays hockey, constructs the language of “IS” and spends a lot of time dreaming. Davis also claims to prevent himself from fantasizing because “isn’t the compelling illusion-delusion that we’re born, age and die already a sufficient puppet show drama?” So he dreams, but does not fantasize. Belle is inspired by Davis’ wife and unborn child and includes 12 tracks of his typical sound. Perhaps the most remarkable song is “IS.” The only words are “Is the body, Is the bruises, Is the baby, Is the mother, Is the father, Is the petals.” The album clearly displays that Davis has fallen in love as most of the songs revolve around “Belle,” and either sex, or a romance. What is comforting is that he still likes to put four-letter expletives in the same verses containing references to Jesus Christ; some things never change. A good thing about Davis is that the listener can hear an attempt to create music that is truly unique. Trademarked and distinctive, Davis, for the most part, makes good instrumentation and takes up reflective and “intellectual/spiritual” topics while maintaining catchy tunes that listeners can’t help but hum along to. His songs can also be comedic in some ways, which helps in diluting some of the more studied spiritual ones. Belle is produced by Dharma Pop Records, (formerly Post-Apocalyptic Records), which was formed in 1998 when Davis tried to sell his own body parts to pay for his seventh album, Bright Apocalypse. The stunt was unsuccessful, and somehow he made a recording company (composed of 20 volunteers) by selling shares in the company. Information: 965-0931.

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