Take a personal journey through the Wonderful World of Oz

Take a personal journey through the Wonderful World of Oz

By Susan Johnson

By Susan Johnson

Copy Editor

“We’re off to the see the Wizard….”

Now you, too, can take a personal journey through the Wonderful World of Oz, see the scenery in a new way, and bring back some handcrafted “souvenirs” of your trip. Your tour guide will be board-certified art therapist Lisa Kay (M.A., A.T.R.-BC, L.C.PC.).

Called “Dorothy’s Way: A Personal Journey,” the “trip” is spread over five sessions from 1 to 3 p.m. on Oct. 20, Nov. 3, Nov. 17, Dec. 1 and Dec. 15. Explore the deeper meaning of L. Frank Baum’s beloved fairy tale during the five two-hour sessions of hands-on art, music, guided imagery and fun. This magical experience takes place at Studio 4, Art Health & Wellness, LLC, 7969 Forest Hills Rd., Loves Park. Enjoy all five sessions for $150 or one for $30 per event, which includes materials. To sign up, call (815) 282-5481.

Lisa Kay will guide you in a playful and insightful exploration of old beliefs, memories, fears and fantasies as she helps you discover new beginnings along “Dorothy’s Way: A Personal Journey.”

Let your creativity fly free as you work in a variety of media to craft items reminiscent of Dorothy’s ruby slippers, the Yellow Brick Road, Emerald City, and even the tornado-torn house from Kansas.

You can purchase an autographed copy of The Wisdom of Oz: A Book Designed to Stimulate, Provoke & Enrich Your Life by L. Frank Baum’s great grand-daughter, Dr. Gita Dorothy Morena.

The Rock River Times obtained more details from Lisa Kay about her experience with “Dorothy’s Way.”

TRRT: How did you get the idea to use the items in the story in activity sessions?

Lisa Kay: I’m an art therapist and a licensed counselor, and for over 20 years, I’ve been using the story in therapy with adults and children. I’ve come in contact and done work professionally, and I am collaborating with L. Frank Baum’s great granddaughter Nell. That’s where she talks about the deeper meaning of the stories. The story has become universally a favorite.

TRRT: What types of media will be used?

Lisa Kay: Clay, mixed media like collages-paper, wood. We’ll go through the story and focus on some of the themes and create an art piece that relates to that theme. We will use different media. No art experience is necessary. We’ll talk about the story and people’s associations and images related to it and have them create pieces of art. They may even create their own magical shoes and [discuss] how important shoes are to ground us, walking on our path.

TRRT: How has your own life been changed by these insights from Oz?

Lisa Kay: It’s refreshing to me. It’s always fun thinking about the stories and my own memories of watching the movie and reading the story. In our culture, I think most of us are more familiar with the movie. My life is enriched by sharing with others as a therapist. It excites me, and I’ve been collecting Oz books and memorabilia, and it’s personally fun to search for these treasures and collect them. I’m just always astounded. I just did a session with some kids that are homeschooled in the Sycamore area, and talked about Dorothy’s journey and the house and shoes. They have created art pieces about these things. But this is for adults, and I think that is what is intriguing and unique.

Ms. Kay added that she had talked with Becky Maselli, owner and director of Studio 4, who asked her what she would like to do. When Ms. Kay mentioned the Oz program, Ms. Maselli was particularly pleased, as NAT had recently done the play, and it seemed to dovetail with what was going on in the community.

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