Taxpayers tell ‘Thrifty 35’ to keep their promise

Taxpayers tell ‘Thrifty 35’ to keep their promise


CHICAGO—The chairman of Tax Accountability 2002 (TAC) recently pressed a group of 35 state senators and representatives to stick to the Taxpayer Protection Pledge each had signed. The reminde came as state legislators move toward a final vote on the 2003 Illinois budget.

In a letter faxed on Monday, May 27 to each of the 35 signers of the TAC Pledge, TAC Chairman Jim Tobin reminded the legislators of their signed promise to “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase state or local taxes.” He also reminded them that the Pledge is permanent, and that to keep their promise to Illinois taxpayers, they “must vote against any budget which includes any tax increase.”

“If they vote in favor of any tax increases at all, they will break their pledges and prove themselves liars and tax thieves,” said Tobin. “This includes the proposed $240 million tax hike on Illinois businesses and the tax increases on cigarettes and casino gambling.”

Among the proposals that have been promoted by Gov. George Ryan (R) to fill an alleged $1.3 billion “hole” in Illinois’ budget are $650 million in tax increases on Illinois businesses and consumers.

“Taxes on business, cigarettes and gambling should not be raised for the simple reason that they don’t need to be raised,” Tobin said. “The problem is not the phony $1.3 billion ‘hole’ in the 2003 budget, but the bottomless hole of Illinois government spending! More and more of Illinois taxpayers’ money every year gets sucked into that giant political black hole in Springfield and disappears into pork funds and patronage schemes.”

“There is no ‘budget crisis’ in Illinois,” Tobin concluded. “Springfield politicians have increased the state budget 45 percent over the past four years, from $38 billion to $52 billion, and it’s still growing out of control. We’ve identified $3.4 billion that could be removed from the 2003 budget without touching essential services. There is clearly no need for tax increases of any kind!”

For a list of the 35 state legislators who signed the Taxpayer Protection Plege, please call Jeffrey Babbitt at (312) 427-5128, or contact him via e-mail at .

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