Test your hearing from privacy of home

If you missed the free hearing tests that were offered in your community for May’s Better Hearing & Speech Month, you are welcome to test your hearing for free from the privacy of your home, over the phone. Do you have to ask people to repeat what they say? Do you find yourself having trouble understanding speech in a crowded room? Do you find yourself turning up the TV louder? If you answered yes, you may be experiencing a hearing loss.

Dial-A-Hearing Screening Test (DAHST) is a free digital recorded telephone hearing screening that allows Rockford and surrounding area residents to check their hearing levels. By calling 1-800-222-EARS (3277) between the hours of 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST (Monday-Friday), you will be connected with the DAHST program. Be sure you place the call from a corded telephone, from a quiet room and have a pencil and paper available. An operator will then connect you to the screening test, and a series of technically-tested tones will sound. If you fail to hear all of the tones, you are advised to seek a more comprehensive hearing test.

From the June 21-27, 2006, issue

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