That’s not Santa calling

Some weeks ago, a local resident suggested in print that our library ought to roll over and unthinkingly comply with the USA Patriot Act. Specifically, that the library ought to tell the feds what books you check out and how often, plus any other information they have on you.

Perhaps we should not be surprised that there are folks out there who just don’t get it. After all, for many, their only source of information is the government propaganda apparatus.

Here’s a little story for those of you who believe the government has only benign intentions with this piece of legislation along with the Homeland Security Act.

This incident took place December 10;not all that long ago. U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Michael Moore, Retd., was confronted in his home by three armed Secret Service agents and the local sheriff in Goldston, North Carolina.

Moore, 49, is a 20-year veteran with two tours of Naval service in Vietnam under his belt. It seems the Secret Service has been intercepting e-mail and thought he was Michael Moore, the filmmaker and author who wrote Stupid White Men.

One of the agents told Moore they had been reading his e-mail and noted that in a message to a friend expressing outrage over the recent election, Moore had referred to President Bush as “Satan—the third anti-Christ” and a “Communist Republican.”

The agent said he and his colleagues are working with the FBI and the National Security Agency on issues of National Security. They told Moore they were trying to determine if he posed a national security risk to the president. Moore said he now calls the president the “Bush-whacker.”

This little group of armed agents asked for admittance to Moore’s home. They had no warrant and no basis for a search other than Moore’s exercise of free speech.

“They asked me what kind of drugs I am on, and where they could contact my ex-wife,” and “They also required that I sign a form permitting them to access all my medical history in the San Diego and Raleigh-Durham veterans’ hospitals,” he said.

Moore said he was in shock and cooperated just to get them out of his house as soon as possible. While one agent questioned him in an aggressive and belligerent manner, the others roamed through his house, looking into anything they chose.

The retired Navy man said he realized the agents already had all this information before they came to his house. “I was also upset when they asked for the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all my family. They wanted to know if I had a history of mental illness, what I thought about assassinations, if I was going to Washington, D.C. to shoot the president, when was the last time I was out-of-state, whether I had sniper training in the military, what work I did in the Navy, and if I had a grudge against the Navy,” he said.

Moore added: “They literally raped my mind—psychologically.”

Investigative reporter Tom Flocco said Michael Moore, the celebrity, is the probable target of this incident, which he believes was a warning.

Many Americans know that taxpayer-financed Echelon satellites already monitor phone calls, movements and electronic communications of all those on a list of dissenters—those who oppose the erosion of their civil liberties by the Bush administration.

The question now is whether the two Michael Moores will test this abuse of power in a court of law. What about other Americans, famous or not, like the families of 9-11 victims and those who are critical of this emerging police state?

Imagination, you say? Paranoia? Be advised that ads are running in several publications across the country seeking applicants for the “homeland defense force” who are willing to relocate. Whom will they be defending against, and why the need to relocate? Think about it. By the way, persons in these positions will be officially military police.

Not everyone is asleep out there. Two more cities may join 18 other municipalities that have questioned the propriety of the Patriot Act. Officials in Oakland, Calif. and Flagstaff, Ariz. are acting on resolutions opposing provisions of this oppressive legislation.

Californians have been among the most vocal, flatly refusing to allow their municipal machinery to be used to further the ends of federal bureaucrats.

“I think there is strong support,” said Oakland City Councilwoman Nancy Nadel. “We can’t trade our civil liberties for security and still be fighting for the freedoms our country symbolizes.”

Moore, the veteran, asks: “What kind of democracy is this in our so-called great nation, when we cannot even write an e-mail message without the fear of our government intercepting it and then being violently raped through an intense personal interrogation?”

It is not democracy at all, but fascism. This is what lurks just around the corner. This is what James Carville alluded to when he said just after the election: “The American people haven’t got a clue as to what’s coming.” Do you?

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