The beginning of the end— Legislation foreshadows national health freedom disaster

In yet another disturbing twist in the assault against Americans’ health freedom, New York State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-51st District) has introduced four new pieces of legislation that attack supplement manufacturers and natural health consumers—while setting a crushing health freedom precedent that could destroy our entire nation’s access to nutritional supplements. Ortiz’s four bills are as follows:

Bill A4014: This sadly misguided bill proposes that school employees should be forbidden from selling or recommending dietary supplements to students. Consider: America’s students are in a dire health crisis, facing catastrophic problems like skyrocketing childhood obesity. Many schools are exacerbating this problem by loading up their vending machines and cafeterias with nutritionally deficient junk food. Under this bill, schools can continue polluting their students’ bodies with junk food—but educators would not be allowed to recommend nutritional supplements to students? Absurd! If anything, schools should be providing students with nutritional supplements and educating them on nutrition’s importance!

Bill A3944: Under this bill, the FDA would be required to approve or deny health claims made by supplement manufacturers about their products; require supplement manufacturers to substantiate any claims with evidence deemed “competent and scientific” by the FDA; and require that supplements that fail to meet the FDA’s demands in this arena have warning labels. Bill A2068 would require labeling to indicate which products have been tested by the FDA for purity.

These bills are inherently flawed because the FDA has proven its incompetence in approving pharmaceutical drugs. FDA-approved drugs kill more than 100,000 people per year, while injuring millions. Supplements are overwhelmingly safe and beneficial. Why would the FDA waste resources on safe supplements when it needs to improve its approval of dangerous synthetic drugs?

Moreover, with thousands of supplements on the market, FDA approval could take years. Those supplements waiting for approval would be slapped with a warning label that would inaccurately and unjustly imply that a supplement is dangerous or ineffective.

Bill A3357: This bill would require that a supplements safety committee be formed to oversee supplements’ manufacturing, safety, effectiveness and standards. This bill’s vagueness is alarming—will the committee be stacked with unscrupulous parties intent on obliterating health freedom and taking supplements away?

First domino falls

The bottom line is, Ortiz’s flawed, senseless bills are an insult to the DSHEA Act of 1994, which succeeded thanks to 2.5 million letters from the public, the largest letter-writing campaign in American history. DSHEA preserved our right to safe, natural nutritional supplements as a class of foods—and established that, just like foods, supplements do not need approval from the FDA unless they are proven by the FDA to be dangerous or adulterated. If the FDA cannot prove that a dietary supplement is dangerous or adulterated, then it has no right to approve or deny its usage!

We must not allow Ortiz’s legislation to destroy DSHEA! Should New York fall prey to these regulations, the remaining states will topple like so many dominoes. If we give health tyrants an inch, they will take a mile and take away our vitamins forever—leaving us sick, malnourished and oppressed by a health dictatorship. We must unite into an organized group to fend off these attacks on our God-given legacy to safe, natural nutrition! Write to your elected officials today and express your outrage! For the sake of health freedom, join the NHA at!

This article appeared as an NHA/Washington Update in the May 2007 issue of Energy Times. For subscription information: P.O. Box 11190, Reno, NV 89510-1190. Web site: For more information about the NHA or to join, write: NHA, P.O. Box 649, Melville, NY 11747-9898.

from the June 27-July 4, issue

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