The ‘big and small’ of Freeport makes it ‘just right’

Freeport is unique!

I grew up in Milwaukee, went to college at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, dairy farmed in Walworth County, and lived in podunk U.S.A.!

While I prefer country living (I love nature), I appreciate the advantages, opportunities and uniquenesses a small city such as Freeport offers.

Sure, Freeport’s not Chicago, Madison, Dubuque, Iowa, Milwaukee or even Rockford, but that’s OK, because they are all in the area.

And while Freeport will never be a diamond, it is a jewel in waiting—waiting for creative visionary leadership that sees her potential to be something different; something more than just another community filled with big-box stores.

I can’t think of a better scenario—Freeport is big enough to offer a diversity of experiences and advantages over small towns; small enough to be cozier and less chaotic than big cities.

The simple truth? The big and small of Freeport is what makes her “just right” to compete with big cities for people and business.

Some might say that, because Freeport is skirted by interstate highways, it does not satisfy the first three rules of real estate—location, location, location!

But I say the accessible interstate, combined with beauty unsurpassed, give Freeport distinct and unique competitive advantages. Freeport is positioned for the future!

When my children were younger, and my husband and I wanted to get away but stay close, we just checked into a Freeport hotel.

And there’s plenty to do in the area, so we really don’t need to go someplace else.

More than 90 percent of what my family does or buys is in Freeport. But when I want to do something I can’t do in Freeport, or find something I can’t find in Freeport, I can easily drive to one of the big cities in the region.

Look at a map; discover the opportunities!

From the May 10-16, 2006, issue

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