The Clintons: questions continue to arise

The Clintons: questions continue to arise

By David Hale

The Clintons: questions continue to arise

New questions are piling upon questions over the Clinton-get-Rich-quick pardon scandal. The latest hog to top the pile is the question over whether or not a foreign national can contribute money to a political campaign. The focus of this probe is, of course, billionaire Mark Rich, who renounced his American citizenship years ago for a more “enlightened” citizenship in Switzerland.

If Rich did, indeed, contribute to the presidential campaign or the Democratic Party, then laws were broken. (Those crazy Congresspeople will pursue any angle, won’t they?) Similar laws were broken when Hillary Clinton took contributions from Palestinians during her Senate campaign. Similar laws were broken when Bill Clinton took money from Chinese Communist Party members for his ’96 presidential campaign. Similar laws were broken when Al Gore took contributions from Chinese Communist members at a Buddhist temple while he was taking bathroom breaks after drinking too much iced tea for Clinton’s ’96 presidential campaign.

Despite the laws being broken, none of these people were prosecuted for their crimes. They were told to “give the money back, and that will be the end of it.” However, that is not the end of it.

Two years ago, an African-American man in California was arrested for a third time for stealing a loaf of bread in order to feed his family. He came under the “three strikes and you’re out” law and was sentenced to a lengthy jail stay that amounted to years rather than days.

Besides the question of why the hell this man was thrown in jail for stealing a loaf of bread, my other question is, if the Clintons and Gores are allowed to just return the money, as are all politicians who break similar laws, why wasn’t that man in California also allowed to just return the loaf of bread? Now, liberals from the ultra orthodox liberal wing of the liberal establishment are howling, because they suddenly got a bad case of the smarms about the slithery nature of Bill Clinton.

One must wonder how they missed the last nine years of the Clinton monarchy. Is it possible that the Democrats are protesting too much, so much so that their protests are really nothing more than feigned protests? Consider the fact that Clinton pardoned FALN terrorists who happened to be Puerto Rican. They never asked for the pardons but were solicited by Clintonistas in order to make time with the Puerto Rican populace in New York City. Those terrorists murdered American citizens. Mark Rich merely traded with the enemy, while the FALN terrorists actually killed Americans in cold blood.

Liberals and Democrats from sea to shining sea defended Clinton’s mid (election) stream pardon of the FALN murderers, heinous as it was. For those who already knew Clinton was a sleazy, slimy, smarmy guzzler of white trash, we are not surprised. Now we are in the unlikely position of offering a backhanded defense of the former burger popper, while the liberal Democrats are in the unlikely position of protesting the pardon of Mark “Benedict Arnold” Rich. For goodness sakes, when Barney Frank, a liberal congressman from Massachusetts, defends the pardon of FALN terrorists and then castigates Clinton for the Rich pardon, the world truly has turned upside down, for they protesteth too much.

The conservative defense is summed up as this: Let it go, folks. He’s gone now. He’s done his damage. Let’s get on with the business of reality rather than loitering on the easy road of gossip. Clinton’s enamoring with Denise Rich’s bustline should be of no consequence to us now. The only thing we can do is make sure future presidents don’t follow similar paths by paying close attention to vast right-wing conspirators who have an abnormal desire to drum up truth about shady dealers like Clinton. By paying attention to those crazy righties, we’ll be a little more wary of electing scoundrels or scoundralettes (beware the rise of Hillary to the presidency) to the office of the presidency.

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