The difference in being fed or fed up!

The difference in being fed or fed up!

By Kimberley Casteneda

By Dr. Kimberly Casteneda

Naturopathic Doctor

I am fed up. We have a thief and a murderer running loose in our society, and not many people are sincerely trying to stop it. It robs you of your dreams, your future, your passion, your dignity, your will and, ultimately, it kills. Its name is CANCER. Supposedly for many years now, there is a cure just around the corner , mainstream medicine says. But I and many others who grieve this devastating disease know all too well that this is just simply not true.

My beautiful, angelic mother had faith in that statement and in that system two years ago when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and today we sit and wait and pray (my family appreciates all prayers for her) that God has mercy as the cancer has metastasized and spread into the lymph, the blood, the liver, and the lungs and the best they can say now is, maybe three months, if you’re lucky. It has nothing to do with luck! And I am 100 percent sure that their cure will not be coming around the corner anytime within that three months, and probably not even in three years or three decades.

As I grieve for my precious mother, my best friend, I find myself going through many emotions. Shock, disbelief, sympathy for her. And for us, intense love, anger at the system, yet serene peace when I hold her in my arms and thank God for each precious moment I have with her and as I lay my head on her heart to hear it beat as long as I possibly can, I feel overwhelming heartache.

I think to myself, if only she had taken a different path and put her trust in her body’s own ability to heal, but their words froze her body in fear, and she complied everything they asked her to do, while they earned over $200,000 from her illness. And now at the end, they still want more. Individuals take responsibility for their health while I support them through the healing process. I, too, suffered disease over 14 years ago and by the grace of God chose to heal naturally. I am a testament that rebuilding the body works.

I will fight against disease until the day I lay to rest. It is really so simple. Bring the body back to an alkaline PH state, and you bring the body back to health. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline state; cancer is anaerobic and cannot live in oxygen. Over the course of one year, every cell in the body is replaced; we have a completely new body and by giving it the right nutrients those new cells will stay strong, healthy and energized as the old cancer cells die off. Cancer is fed by sugar, yeast, vinegars, fermented foods and other foods, so it CAN be starved out of the body while giving the body wonderful healing nutrients to survive and rebuild. The answer is to rebuild the immune system so that it can destroy the cancer cells naturally.

Each and everyone of us has cancer cells in our body; it is just whether or not our immune system is strong enough to fight against it or whether we happen to get tested and they find it. Many times in our lives, we have the cancer but no significant symptoms, and our immune system just took care of it for us. It is through the stresses of life and the toxicity in our world that our immunity is weakened and that is what needs strengthening.

Rather than aggressively going after the cancer by cutting, burning and pouring toxic chemicals into our loved ones, we need to rebuild their immune systems, so the body will take care of the cancer on its own. People are too fearful of cancer, and, sadly, what we fear the most shows up in our lives. We manifest what we think (positive or negative) and fear. Rebuilding does take some time, but with lifestyle changes and proper health and wellness care, our bodies can be free of cancer rather than in remission, which is a fearful place to be in if you’re a pending cancer survivor. That is a place of bondage. It is time for all of us to get FED (properly with nutrients) rather than get FED UP with cancer. Join the fight against cancer and for truth in healing and begin your journey into DISCOVERING WELLNESS.

Dr. Kimberly Kaye Castaneda is a naturopathic doctor who researches and teaches about the benefits of natural, non-invasive healing techniques and therapies. Her Washington, D.C. registration and ANMA and ABH board certifications along with her degree and certifications state that she is qualified in the use of all natural forms of healing including: acupressure, aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies, chronic diseases, clinical microscopy, color therapy, emotional release therapy, Gua Sha treatments, herbology, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, live blood and dry layer cell analysis, massage, nutrition, raindrop therapy, reflexology, reiki healing and vibrational or polarity healing. Dr. Castaneda has a private practice in Rockford located at 521 N. Longwood Street. To schedule a private consultation or for reiki classes and attunements, call (815) 963-1585. DISCOVERING WELLNESS.

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