The government knows—part two

In this, the second part of a three-part series, I will list the two main categories of UFO dangers and expound on one of them in reference to the publication, Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control.

One chief hazardous effect of UFOs is powerful electrical fields that project in a large or localized area. The other is the psychological effects suffered by individual contacts or on the general populace. UFO force field impacts are the disruption of air and ground travel associated with the presence of UFOs. The ignition systems of aircraft engines and automobiles are affected by UFO-produced energized force fields to the extreme of stopping their operation. These effects, at times, have influenced the controls and instruments of aircraft.

In fact, military documentation notes actual control of a military helicopter by a UFO energy field. This classic case was a near mid-air collision of an Army helicopter with a UFO on Oct. 18, 1973, over Ohio. The helicopter went into a downward spiral after the near-collision, but just before it was about to hit the ground, a beam of green light from the UFO levitated the helicopter and prevented it from crashing.

Incidentally, the chopper’s radio waves went dead during the encounter. This incident had a happy ending, though some haven’t; some aircraft have crashed, and pilots have died.

Disruption of communications at nearly all levels has occurred in the presence of UFOs. Even U.S. presidents are not immune to this threat. In 1964, Lyndon Johnson, while talking on the phone to Washington, D.C., assistants, had his conversation cut off at the Texas White House by a UFO.

Military documentation exists of UFOs shutting down nuclear missile launch systems at remote missile silos. Theft and erasing of data including FBI, CIA and NSA files has probably occurred, but the government won’t acknowledge it.

Certain power blackouts have been associated with UFOs. UFOs were associated with massive blackouts in Brazil in 1957 and 1959; Rome, Italy, 1958; and Mexico, 1965. One blackout in Uberlandia was caused by a lingering UFO, and all attempts for immediate damage repair work were simply impossible until the UFO left the vicinity because the UFO had control of all electric energy fields.

The great New York-New England blackout of 1965 that brought millions to a standstill was no mystery, according to Charles Bahme. Bahme claims very serious inferences were made of a UFO causation.

Just prior to this blackout, airplane pilots reported UFOs in Pennsylvania; it was 4:30 p.m. At 5:30 p.m., minutes before the blackout, engineers at the Syracuse, N.Y., airport watched the same UFOs heading toward Niagara Falls. Seconds later, a veteran flight instructor who was flying over Niagara Falls saw a glowing globe thought to be one of those three UFOs hovering over the Niagara Falls power generating plant. This plant is believed to be the power station where the blackout started.

An incident on April 18, 1962, involved a UFO and a string of blackouts occurring as the UFO traveled from city to city. Radar tracked the UFO from the eastern part of New York state all the way to Nevada. It even landed for 42 minutes during its blackout rampage. The unidentified flying object was pursued by jet interceptors from Stead Field in Reno, Nevada. The menacing UFO was followed until it exploded over a desert in Nevada; the explosion was seen in five states.

Few things are more dangerous than a blackout. They paralyze cities, stop trains, block highways and mess with economies. If you want to shut down a modern society, just pull its plug.

Rod Myers is a local resident with an interest in the environment and disability issues. He has an associate’s degree in science and a bachelor’s in fine arts. Rod is a member of the Audubon Society, the Wild Ones Natural Landscapers and Rockford Amateur Astronomers, Inc.

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