The Guys come to New American Theater

Downtown theater opens 33rd season with story of 9/11

New American Theater launches its 33rd season with the beautiful and touching play, The Guys. Based on a true story, this play chronicles the story of Joan, a reporter who has settled for a comfortable academic job after a stint as a war journalist. Suddenly, the events of 9/11 catapult her, the city of New York, and the entire nation into a state of shock. In the midst of this crisis, she meets Nick, a fire captain who needs a writer to help him compose fitting eulogies for his men. The two spend a day recollecting the men’s lives—their better qualities and their flaws. Together, they forge the stories into fitting tributes, and in the process, come to discover an amazing friendship and a shared sense of the strength of the human spirit. It’s a warm, gentle tale of the ability of a story to heal us in a time of tragedy.

Call the NAT Box Office at 964-6282 for specific information on performance dates, times and ticket pricing and availability.

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