The New Testament for Everyday People makes messages of Bible more accessible

PECATONICA—The Bible is the best-selling book in the world, but many readers struggle to understand it. In his new book, The New Testament for Everyday People (now available through AuthorHouse), Hugh Lawrence uses his knowledge of Greek to present a new version that makes its message more accessible to the faithful.

Written to bring out the meaning and intention of the Bible’s words, The New Testament for Everyday People seeks to accurately present New Testament truths in modern language without subtracting from its true message. Lawrence used the Greek text of the King James version as a foundation, then translated the literal meaning of Greek words to make the text more clear. Next, he translated the entire New Testament into modern English. To increase The New Testament for Everyday People’s accessibility, he expanded on the challenging words that remained and includes further explanations of these thoughts and ideas.

Instead of grappling with the words of the New Testament, readers can find clarity and understanding in Lawrence’s translation, which is the author’s ultimate goal. The most important aspect of this work is to make Jesus Christ’s message of eternal life understandable, he writes. “The message has always been present in the words of the New Testament. This version is intended to unlock that message by fully translating the meaning of the words…”

With The New Testament for Everyday People, Lawrence successfully bridges the gap between ancient Greek and modern English to bring the most popular religious text to Christians and non-Christians alike.

Lawrence has applied 24 years of study to this translation. He is seminary trained and learned from teachers with doctorate degrees in Christian theology who had knowledge of Greek and Hebrew. He writes that this is a work born out of his own love for the truth and his desire to see others who hunger for truth enjoy it.

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From the Nov. 30-Dec. 6, 2005, issue

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