The price of gas

On my recent trip back to Illinois from South Carolina, it was hard not to notice the gas prices. We drove in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina, and gas prices were in the $1.70 and $1.60 range for regular unleaded.

The lowest we saw was $1.63 in South Carolina. We did not see the $1.80 range until we got back to the Rockford area. I gassed up in Bloomington for $1.72.9—only two hours away from Rockford.

Apparently, the Lords of Gasoline in other areas are not as greedy as those in the Rockford area. Our Lords of Gasoline just keep ramming it to us, a nickel or dime higher per gallon than many other places, while other local media just explain why it’s so tough on our Lords of Gasoline.

Lower prices elsewhere, even in our own state, why not here?

Go to to check local gas prices and the price of crude oil.

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