The Think Tank: Election refflections, odds and ends

The Think Tank: Election refflections, odds and ends

By George Anne Duckett

Election reflections, odds and ends

I know the election is over, and I still don’t feel like it is over. I can’t begin to tell you how hard everyone worked to get Chuck Jefferson elected. We worked daily up to the very minute the polls closed. We tried to get every voter to go cast a ballot and once again make history in Rockford. Well, it did not go the way we wanted; Chuck is not the Rockford Township Highway Commissioner. He is more than that to many of us. Chuck worked hard and was able to convince many people that seldom work together to help him get elected. Chuck did not get the numbers he needed, but he sure got the respect of many people in this community. The only Democratic candidate who got more votes than Chuck was Mickey Goral. His numbers were the second highest and shocked many political pundits. Chuck was a winner in so many ways, and he did something that is seldom done and almost impossible. He formed a coalition of blacks/whites, young/old, men/women and other combinations of people to work together for a common cause. I know most Rockfordians have some catching up to do with the rest of America, but let’s not get lost in the cobwebs of “BUSINESS AS USUAL.” I have always believed that the squeaky wheel gets oiled. If we as a community refuse to let political leaders hear our voices, demand what we expect and want, there is no reason to vote for these people if they continue to ignore us.

I have been thinking about some of the back-room politics that are rumored to be going on and wonder how much longer will these people continue to disrespect black folks. It hurt me to think that blacks might be a part of this deceit, but one thing about liars and deceivers, it eventually catches up with them. There are many people who know that black folks sell out the black community on a regular basis. WHY? I haven’t the slightest idea. What I do know is that I think the new political leaders are getting ready to take their rightful place in the political arena, and it will sure be nice to see.

I suppose most of you know I was accused of being racist—AGAIN. I just can’t believe people think I am a racist. I certainly have no power; I don’t influence many people—if any. I speak my mind and give my opinion. I never ask if you want my opinion, I just speak it. Now white folks call me a racist, and black folks call me an Uncle Tom. Well, one thing I have learned living here in Rockford—YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE.

Tell me what you THINK about the Elgin proposal? Do you believe Elgin, Ill. is promoting the Rockford Airport? I just can’t believe that airport board can’t see something wrong with that picture. We are paying a lot of people big bucks to promote the airport and get some airlines to do a little business with Rockford. Elgin does not get one dime, but sure got us some publicity. Then I hear Peoria is getting another airline in their airport—one of the bigger carriers (Delta). I think it’s time we start asking for some job performance by our top executives at the airport. Here we have Harry Stonecipher a stone’s throw away because he no longer wants to do business in Rockford. What ever happened to the dreamers and visionaries—oh, I know, you leaders CHASE them out of town.

I can remember when I was a little girl and just before I got one of those spankings that leaves your bottom sore for the rest of the day, I would have to beg my mother not to spank me. One of the reasons I got the spanking was because I would not apologize. She would scream at the top of her lungs: “SAY YOU ARE SORRY!”

Of course, I would not—at first. Then she would scream again: “SAY YOU ARE SORRY!” After the third jerk of the arm or whatever, I would apologize. I would get my spanking and during the spanking, I would scream: “I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY!” Now, don’t you call that an apology?

President Bush wrote his famous letter to the Chinese and not only declared he was SORRY, BUT HE WAS VERY, VERY SORRY. Now we all know we are happy the 24 servicemen and women are home safely, but he should know when he told us he was not going to apologize, we all believed it. For many years in America, “I’m sorry” is an apology. Thank God, the Chinese don’t know that!!!!

According to the Illinois State Statutes, when replacing a Democratic representative’s vacancy, people who vote Republican cannot apply. That means if you want to replace Doug Scott, there is a certain person we all know voted Republican in the last 23 months. So don’t waste your time—or ours.

I was listening to Chris Bowman on WNTA—yes, folks, I listen to Chris, and I’m not ashamed to say it. There are many black folks listening to Chris, and I think we need to encourage more black people to go on his program. Maybe they will, now that Charles is gone. The best way to change the minds of people is not to run and hide, but to debate and interact. I can’t understand what that one guy (whom I assume was white) said about Chuck Jefferson not qualified to replace Doug Scott because he didn’t win his election. What civics class was he in? Or better yet, was not in? He sounded so programmed and ridiculous, I almost called in to remind him of our American history. How many politicians do we all know that have run for office and lost? One I am thinking of is Doug Scott. Didn’t he lose his election against Gene Quinn? One of the most famous political leaders in America’s history is Abe Lincoln, who lost not just one election, but many. Thank God, he didn’t give up and say—no more! Just think, I would not be emancipated if old Abe would have thrown in the towel. We know Chuck can get a vote. Whoever told that guy to call in should have given him a history and civics lesson first. He sure embarrassed you.

George Anne Duckett is the publisher of the Vital Force newspaper.

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