The Think Tank: Election time–let the race begin

The Think Tank: Election time–let the race begin

By George Anne Duckett

Election time–let the race begin!

It seems that this election will be like a horse race. I can’t tell who is the favorite in this race, but it appears to be very close. I am beginning to wonder what in the world will happen when these guys get desperate. I’m not sure if you all have noticed, but Denny Johnson is one of a few Republican candidates to ever make an effort to get the minority vote from the west side. It appears there are so many Johnson signs (in English and Spanish) along South Main that you would think he had a strong following in the Fifth Ward. I can’t believe Carl Towns and Dennis Willis are that busy on the west side. People have told me Dennis Willis has called them to recruit help for Johnson, so maybe I have underestimated Willis. Denny Johnson told me Vic and Carol Bell were helping him behind the scenes. Do you think Vic would do something like that? Vic told me he doesn’t do anything without getting something in return. Now do you all think that Vic and Carol would do something like that? I hope not!!!! I guess those of you that know this DUO would know if Johnson is overstating the facts. I know he had no reason to lie to me.

I have spoken to a few voters who have attended the mayoral debates. According to the few blacks I have talked to, Morrissey seems to be doing quite well. I was told he seems to know what the issues are, and he articulates his vision of Rockford in such a way it seems to give these voters hope. I have to be honest and tell you all I am a Democrat and will vote for the Democrat. I am not a what’s-in-it-for-me Democrat, looking for a job, appointment or whatever. I personally don’t think there is that much of a difference in Rockford when it comes to party politics. I believe the parties should be called the HAVES and HAVE NOTS because it is the same people making decisions for this community. Many appointments of friends on boards seems to tell you these same people are calling the shots in many areas that affect your quality of life. You name the board and more than likely, the members of that board are sitting on two or three other boards, advisory or ad hoc committees. You all know what I am thinking. I bet in the next five years, this will NOT be the second largest city in the state of Illinois. People will leave here and move to Peoria or Aurora.

I was thinking about the parents who have been working at keeping the sports programs in the Rockford public schools. Can you believe that when it was time to make the budget cuts, parents and students were begging the board to not cut the sports programs? Now we find out that there are approximately 18 schools on the state watch list. I think we better stop buying basketballs and footballs and get some darn books.

I keep thinking about former President Bill Clinton and wonder why Republicans hate this man so much. The man is convicted without a trial. They want to TRY and impeach the man again. Lord have mercy, if we have to get another defense fund for Bill Clinton, I hope every black person in the United States sponsors a major fundraiser. What about a national “Chicken Dinner”? The thought of it has me cracking up. That is really funny. Wouldn’t that be a blast. Poor black folks keeping Clinton out of jail. That would really make those Republicans mad. I don’t know why Bill Clinton is any more of a crook than other politicians. When they get tired of talking about Bill, they start on his wife, Hillary. If they can’t beat Bill up, they beat up his wife. I can’t say that these men are jealous of the ‘COMEBACK KID,” they just can’t stand that this POOR white boy from Arkansas can OUTSMART them. The Republicans need to STOP wasting taxpayers’ money and get over Bill Clinton. He is not president anymore, guys—move on.

I think more people are more interested in what Bill Clinton is doing every day than those orchestrated press conferences and photo opportunities of President Bush. Clinton is right—HE’S NOT GOING ANYWHERE, HE JUST IS NOT LIVING AT 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE.

You know what I like about Bill Clinton—he is so good at convincing people he’s one of the good guys. He is an actor, folks, and he milks his talent for acting any way, any time and any place. He goes to the black church, and the choir starts singing “Amazing Grace,” and Bill starts crying crocodile tears. Now, what person would not think this man has a heart of gold? You all think Reagan was a good actor. Well, the Democrats have Bill Clinton, and he is the greatest actor of all.

I was watching the Rockford School Board meeting on television the other night and could not believe my eyes or ears. What is Mr. Bliss trying to prove by cutting the budget with a sandwich? Why didn’t he ask to cut the Montessori Program? That’s where the money is. They called it a symbolic action. Well, if you ask me, the whole lawsuit and remedies are beginning to appear to be symbolic. The poor children are failing, folks. The schools are not only on a watch list, they are destroying the lives of many children because they are not learning a damn thing. The so-called symbolic motion to stop giving meals to the board during their closed sessions was the funniest thing I have ever heard. What about Joyce Price trying to explain why she should get a FREE trip to Washington, D.C.? Mr. Bliss is cutting back sandwiches, and Joyce Price is hustling a trip to Washington, D.C. I have not laughed that long or that loud in my lifetime. This school district and the courts should be ashamed of themselves. It appears children are not benefiting from all the money being put out for them to be educated. Blacks and whites ought to file a lawsuit together to let the district know that their taxes are not being spent properly, and the money is supposed to be paying to educate these children. The test scores are proof that the chances for success for these children is very slim. They should all be ashamed.

George Anne Duckett is the publisher of the Vital Force newspaper.

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