The Think Tank: Jefferson, Towns and ocunting totals

The Think Tank: Jefferson, Towns and ocunting totals

By George Anne Duckett

Jefferson, Towns and counting totals

I can’t begin to tell you all how proud I am of Frank Jefferson. I know many of you did not realize that the primary election was the day you had to vote, but that’s Rockford. Always a day late… Frank and his family worked very hard; he certainly did better than anyone ever imagined. He won!!! He won the respect of this community. He won!!! He won a place to determine the political agenda of Rockford. He won!!! He won… the fact that the voters of Rockford’s 5th Ward have made it very clear to everyone in this city–it is no longer business as usual. Frank received 219 votes. His opponent, with nearly 30 years of political experience and the dean of the City Council, only received 240 votes.

Ward/Precinct Jefferson Bell

5/1 35 21

5/2 25 28

5/3 20 38

5/4 13 30

5/5 32 31

5/6 29 28

5/7 46 43

5/8 10 3

5/9 9 18

Total 219 240

Folks, in spite of the numbers, that is no winner. Frank Jefferson won five precincts, and his opponent only won four.The ballot box for the 5th Ward precincts 2 and 4 was left in the building for several hours due to a problem with getting into the building. I can’t understand how the numbers went, but I do know that the voting count was: Bell–182 votes and Frank Jefferson, 181, for over an hour. Every precinct was in except 5/4 and 5/2. The numbers are close in some polling places. The total count is a sign that the next race will be a shoo-in for Jefferson. Congratulations, Frank–your campaign was fair, clean, and you truly took the high ground.

I have to apologize to Carl Towns. I want you all to know Carl called me the other day after the election and assured me that HE IS NOT A REPUBLICAN. I asked him–what is he? Well, this is what he said; I am not making it up, and he gave me permission to quote him. “I AM A DEMO-PUBLICAN.” I swear, folks, I did not make this up. People get mad at me for some of the things I say in the “Think Tank”, but I could never be so creative and politically astute to recognize a DEMO-PUBLICAN. To me, it’s like voting against yourself!!!!!

I had an interesting conversation the other day about pro-life supporters. It was obvious somebody had been thinking about this issue because what he said made so much sense, I told him I was going to put his thoughts in the “Think Tank.” Well, think about this one, folks–I am paraphrasing what he said. People who are always claiming to be pro-life, but they support the death penalty are nothing but hypocrites. Now, that was profound to me, and I had never thought about that issue in that manner.

Speaking about profound language–what did you all think about President Bush’s comment concerning Tony Blair (Prime Minister of Great Britain)? When asked what he had in common with Prime Minister Blair, Bush bobbed his head and said with great pride and a big grin… “We both use Colgate toothpaste.” Oh, Lord, all I could do was picture him snooping through Tony’s living quarters and checking out his personal items. I know why Bush’s head bobs in that manner–because the guy is thinking. I personally believe he bobs his head on purpose. He hears a rattle, and that tells him he is not hallucinating or seeing double, when all news reporters are in front of him.

Please read the letter at the bottom of the front page. I know we all think I have it easy with this paper, but this is just a glimpse of what “nut cases” write from time to time. [Letter appeared in the Vital Force.]

Every once in a while, I receive mail from people who appear to be insane or just plain CRAZY. Now I received this letter in the mail right after the primary election and want to share this treasure with all of you. I am not doing anything the writer did not want me to do. You know, some people (cowards) don’t have to sign their name, we just know who writes this kind of stuff… IN RED INK, mind you!!!! This is really a sign of something wrong with a person who is truly full of rage and hate. I have received letters from many disgruntled readers, but this one takes the cake. I just hope this person does not come to my house with her baseball bat–because I would have to take it from her. Most of us know who wrote this letter, but I know most of us realize… Frank won this election.

The thing that bothers me the most about this mayoral election is the fact that there are some black folks supporting Denny Johnson. Now I know that many of us want to believe what people SAY, and we really should pay attention to what people DO. Now, it is well known in the black community that Denny Johnson has few, if any, black people working at his printing company. When I ask Carl Towns about the lack of blacks working at Johnson Printing, he said he had talked about this with Johnson. Now I must remind you all… talking about equal opportunity to Denny Johnson is not enough to encourage black people to vote for Denny Johnson. We should never vote for people who do not have our best interest at heart. How people like Carl can continue to support a man with no track record on hiring black people (who happen to be the same color as himself) makes me want to scream. Folks, I am begging you not to vote for Johnson. It would be one of the most stupid things we as blacks and other minorities could do.

George Anne Duckett is the publisher of the Vital Force newspaper.

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