THe Think Tank: Starting the new year right!

THe Think Tank: Starting the new year right!

By George Anne Duckett

Starting the new year right

With Christmas and New Year so close, I thought it would be nice to TRY and cool it with the rhetoric. Now I know I have a lot to say most of the time, but help me out with this effort.

Americans in the community… so it’s time to move on. I wish him luck and truly hope he makes sure that they don’t privatize River Bluff Nursing Home. Good luck, Reggie. Who does he look like in this picture?

First, I want to start the year out right. I know that Reggie Taylor is now representing Winnebago County’s District 12. I want Reggie to have a successful term in spite of what I write in the “Think Tank.” Reggie’s failure would affect every African-American in the district.

I am really burnt out from this election. I stay up looking at CNN and Hardball until my eyes are burning. I just can’t get enough. I hate FOX News. I act like my grandmother when she was living. She would listen to the radio and curse at the commentator. These people on FOX are so conservative, I’m cursing like a sailor half the day. I have to turn it off in order NOT to have another heart attack. Tell me I am not sick!!!

I just love Christmas. It is really a wonderful time of the year. I can remember when I was a little girl, and I wanted snow and Christmas. Now all I want is Christmas. I lived in Elgin, and all of us would get skates or sleds or something to play in the snow. We would WALK to the park, which was about a mile from our homes, and stay most of the day. We would ice skate and push our sleds up and down the hills. I just loved it. Now I look out the window at the snow, jump back into the bed, and turn on the weather channel to see how long I will have to endure this cold weather. Then I sulk around the house, wondering how much my utility bills will be. Oh, to be a child again.

I called Dr. Eubanks and asked him to come and speak to the community at a FYI meeting. He said he would come, but his mother died, and I told him I would call him later. I just don’t think it is right to bother him at this time. I know he will come; he has always been very cooperative about meeting with the community. He is really a very nice man.

I guess you all know by now that the video store on West State Street Mall is closed. Birdie Ingram said she is only closed temporarily, and I hope that is the case. I notice that the shopping mall is not full yet. Well, let’s hope it gets more tenants.

Well–if you think the presidential election was close, I have a feeling that the Rockford mayoral election will also be a day someone will want a RECOUNT. I can’t imagine who is the front runner right now. I know that the Republicans are planning on having people at every polling place in the 5th Ward. I wonder why!!!!

I TOLD YOU SO!!!! I just did not trust anyone. I wonder when the taxes are going to go up–SOME MORE. You all know I did not support that tax referendum, and now I understand that the school board is supporting a tax increase. I think people better get a better understanding about that case called Missouri vs. Jenkins. It seems that you will have to pay for these remedies no matter what you were told. Well, like I said, if Springfield wanted to give Rockford School District money, all they had to do was waive any laws (like they did when they wanted Bill Bowen to be superintendent) and just give the district the money. Oh, well, it’s only money, and it appears the citizens of Rockford have a lot to give away. Somebody told me that Dan Hines said the state is going broke. Well, let’s hope Rockford gets their school referendum money before the state declares bankruptcy. Hmmmmm…..

I was so sorry to hear that Senator Dave Syverson is so ill. I just will pray for him, and I hope he will be in everyone’s prayers.

It is really hard for me to get my mouth in position to say, “President George W. Bush.” All I can think about is… DEAR GOD… PLEASE DON’T LET DICK CHENEY GET SICK! I know everyone is saying that this man can do the job, but I still think he is his Daddy’s little boy!!!! Folks, do you get the impression that this will be George, Sr.’s second term?

People should not say we will not have a president January 20th. Bill Clinton will stay as long as you need him. (Ha-ha.) You know, Bill Clinton really had the last laugh.

I can’t wait until the news media counts the votes from the presidential election. Thank God for the Freedom of Information Act. You know Gore will have the most votes. I wonder what will happen! I just can’t believe that Al Gore is going to walk away from this. I truly believe that’s what everyone is praying for, but dream on… This man wants to be president, and I don’t think he wants to wait.

I’m going to put up my Christmas tree this weekend. I am going to get Alex (granddaughter), and we are going to the Dollar store so she can buy her presents for everyone. We are so excited.

George Anne Duckett is publisher of the Vital Force newspaper.

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