The Voice of Reason: Urgent need for reform – but, what kind?

The Voice of Reason: Urgent need for reform – but, what kind?

By By Tony Lamia

We have the CIA, FBI, INS, SEC, and a myriad of other agencies that fail miserably at doing what we pay them for, to wit: protecting we the people from foreign invasion, and from each other.

The federal agency, “Consular Affairs,” allows terrorists to enter the U.S. on phony visas from Saudi Arabia. Three of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers got into our country via this “Visa Express.” Mary Ryan, who heads the agency, puts our security behind “inconveniencing applicants with background interviews.”

The INS granted one of the terrorists a visa six months after he died in the 9/11 attacks! And, we’ve all heard reports of significant evidence about government agencies’ bungling of prior warnings of the attacks.

But, we are not under siege solely by foreigners. Corporate CEO’s have done their share of marauding. After robbing shareholders blind, they snub their noses at our impotent SEC, and build multi-million dollar homes with the stolen loot!

So, news commentators call for reforms. Bill O’Reilly (Fox News) says of the Wall Street scandal: “Unless strict new rules are enforced, the fraud and theft will continue.”

President Bush is pushing Congress to approve his new Department of Homeland Security. But now lawmakers question the value of a new security plan that doesn’t spell out how it will solve the problems of the FBI, CIA, etc.

Several bills have been proposed carrying a myriad of new corporate and accounting laws, but current laws go un-enforced. So, what good are more laws?

You might wonder, “Who will come forward with workable remedies?” The “Voice of Reason” to the rescue!

The problem is not that there are insufficient rules and regulations – there are too many that are either un-enforced, or enforced according to who has paid-off whom; i.e. follow the money.

In my book, all laws would have to pass the following tests: 1) easy to understand by an adult with average reading skills, 2) the legislature (not the courts) would set uniform standards for criminal, negligence, safety, environmental, etc., laws, 3) government employees would be personally accountable for failing to do their jobs of enforcement and uniform application. The current practice of protecting a bureaucrat’s job, no matter how egregious his or her actions may be against citizens, must end no matter how strong the opposition from union leaders.

We the people must be provided with simple complaint procedures that we can file against public officials to assure their fair treatment of all citizens. Without these requirements, the power elite will continue to break the law without fear of punishment, while law-abiding citizens remain in fear of being punished for non-compliance with laws that they cannot understand. Make no mistake about this – that is precisely what the elite want.

The easiest method for you to shake up the entrenched elite is to vote against incumbents and lawyers, and vote for those who advocate personal accountability for private and public citizens alike – with no exceptions.

Tony L. Lamia is the publisher of The Voice of Reason Newsletter, and the author of Blame It On The System. His website is

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