Third Ward candidate speaks out

Editor’s note: What follows is a press release issued by Dan Lewandowski’s campaign for Third Ward alderman.

“The Third Ward deserves a leader on the City Council who is proactive, not reactive; a leader who is constructive, not an obstacle to progress; a leader who will work with everyone across party lines to help Rockford reach its full potential,” said Dan Lewandowski, candidate for Third Ward alderman.

Lewandowski believes in Rockford, and he has a vision for the Third Ward and Rockford.

Lewandowski said: “I believe in our city; that we can achieve any goal we set; that we can overcome any obstacle that lies in our path; and that we will meet head-on any challenge before us. But I also believe we are entitled to see results from our leaders; that we deserve more than the promise of future action; and that we should expect 100 percent commitment from those individuals we entrust with our vote. Public service is a privilege, not an entitlement.

“The current alderman has a record that should be examined closely. He voted down the city budget and funding for emergency services. He refused to support a successful proposal providing assistance to the entertainment venue in his own ward, which ultimately brings in about $30 million a year to the area and is a huge economic impact benefiting the surrounding businesses and the city itself. He has continually voted against progress and has failed to present constructive alternatives.

“I have high expectations and standards for the Third Ward and Rockford. Nothing less than a stable, prosperous and exciting downtown will be acceptable. This goal may be ambitious and will, of course, take time before it is fully realized, but there is nothing more urgent. There is nothing that demands our attention more than the economic health of our city. And the strengthening of that health begins in the Third Ward. I have committed myself to this cause, and I intend to see it through,” Lewandowski said.

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