To all healers at heart

To all healers at heart

By Kimberley Casteneda

By Kimberly Kaye Castaneda, ND, CHt, DD, RMT

Truth and Wellness Facilitator

This letter comes your way with exciting news to share from DISCOVERING WELLNESS. Many of my clients who have come into my office/clinic in the past for a consultation, health analysis or for other therapeutic treatments have shown an interest in the natural healing field. Often when going over the consultation form and arriving at the questions about your work, employment, hobbies, goals and dreams is when I have heard comments (hundreds of times in the past few years) such as; “If I could, I would be doing what you’re doing”; or “I would LOVE to learn more in your field”; or even; “Have you ever taken an intern under your wing to study with you?”.

With the last question, I have often thought of doing so, but how? To pick only one passionate person was too difficult of a decision for me to make. I saw the passion in all of them, and each of them has his/her own unique gifts to offer the world. So how could I choose only one?

This is where the exciting news comes in. I have decided to take the initiative to expand on my Reiki School of Divine Healing and begin the DISCOVERING WELLNESS School of Divine Healing. A project that is long overdue and a dream of mine that is ready to come into fruition.

With this intention, I will be offering introductory classes/courses here at DISCOVERING WELLNESS. The classes will consist of information, projects, treatments, questions & answers, final exams and certification. There will be required reading materials, homework projects, case studies and follow-up case studies in some of the courses offered.

Each group class will be limited to four students or can be taught on a one-on-one basis if desired, and depending on the demand, each class will be offered on several dates in order to accommodate everyone who is interested. You may also let me know if you choose to take the class on the same day as a friend or family member when scheduling.

The courses can strengthen your confidence in utilizing natural healing modalities in your home or with family members, or they can assist and support you in your journey into the natural healing field as a certified practitioner.

I am currently offering courses in Reiki Levels I, II, Master and Master-Teacher, Gua Sha, Reflexology, Bach Flower Essence Practitioner and Cultivating Your TruthTM. Within the year of 2002, I will also be offering Herbology, The Four Levels of Healing, Nutrition, Manifestation and Motivation, Healing Chronic Disease, Raindrop Therapy, Emotional Release/Aromatherapy and Acupressure.

If you are interested in any of the above courses, you may call me at 963-1585 to set up a date and time. Courses will be offered weekdays, evenings and weekends in order to accommodate everyone.

Each requested one-on-one class is offered at $325 per class. Group classes cost $275 for two or more students, and a $50 discount is given after the first class for anyone who attends more than one class. These prices exclude the Reiki classes. Reiki Level I and II remain at the previous cost of $200, Master Level at $300 and Master-Teacher at $500 and the Cultivating Your TruthTM course fee is $895 in which you will become a Certified Truth and Wellness Facilitator. This is an in-depth course in which you will first be required to participate in the workshops life-changing, emotional healing exercises prior to learning how to teach and facilitate others. Classes are offered on-site only. Required books for all courses can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, Borders book stores or

In the course of our lives, we come across interests that we desire, sometimes for years, to learn more about but never quite follow through. Our dreams and goals are generally left unattended and unavailing. Money, time and lack of confidence often are what hinder us in our final decisions. If the natural healing field is indeed YOUR passion, I encourage you to give yourself a much deserved and valuable gift by exploring these or courses like these, so that in turn you will be able to pass on a multitude of gifts to your loved ones and humanity alike, through the knowledge you gain. Weigh your decision, not by the cost or time factors but by the LIFETIME of wisdom and enrichment that you will acquire and by the growth that your spirit will attain. I hold the belief that you will emerge from the experience a more enlightened, fulfilled and confident being, able to understand and determine your direction with clarity.

See and actualize your own Truth and value of who you are, in the same way others witness it, already within you. Never allow the light of your passion, the opportunity to diminish into the darkness; rather, sow the seeds of your Truth, nurture and cultivate them through your love of learning and growing, and at the time of harvest you will be amazed by the attributes and the wisdom that surface within you.

I truly believe that courses such as these can help you begin your own personal journey just as similar knowledge helped me in mine. Many of you know the stories of my TRUTHS, and had it not been for the natural healing field and a strong spiritual connection, I would still be working in a dead-end job that was literally draining my life from me and that I found no interest in whatsoever and a life that mirrored extremely low self-esteem, abuse, depression, sickness (cancer) and no direction. It was that first leap of faith, that “I” could make a positive change in my life that led me on the path I walk today and will continue to venture until my last breath.

At this time, our world is in disarray with the outcome unknown to us, and in my opinion, it is a time for all of us to live our lives finding and following our own TRUTHS about who we are and what we desire to become. Live as if there were no tomorrow. It is time to cultivate our dreams, and we can all start together. Healing the world, one person at a time, whether your gifts are of healing on a spiritual, emotional, mental or physical level, or by using your creativity and talents or just by simply offering kindness and a smile to another.

Had it not been for meeting each and every one of my students and clients and them allowing me to enter into their sacred space, their TRUTHS, I would not be able to complete my journey. I have learned and grown through all whom I have met on my journey, and I, too, have a long journey ahead that awaits me while I am here. My goal is to complete my journey, having known that I did the best that I could do and that I lived fulfilling MY TRUTH. My all-time favorite saying is; “You did then, what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better“ by Maya Angelo. Whatever it is that you desire out of life, do it, and don’t cheat yourself into having to say “I should have…”.

It is time that we recognize and utilize all of the gifts with which God has blessed each and every soul on His beautiful planet. Remember His magnificent Son, who said, “Greater things than I, shall ye do”. Embrace the notion that who you really are…Your Soul-Self…is a Healer. YOU have come to this world to offer your gifts and to uplift others…why wait? Begin “YOUR” journey by becoming that in which, you already know you are!

Peace, Love & Light,

Kimberly Kaye Castaneda, ND, CHt, DD

Reiki Master-Teacher

Truth and Wellness Facilitator

*Discovering wellness is now offering one-on-one, Cultivating Your TruthTM Emotional Healing and Self Discovery Sessions. Getting to the core of “Your Truth” and eliminating self-defeating belief systems. Reclaim what can be your greatest joy…YOU!!!

Kimberly Kaye Castaneda is a Naturopath who researches and teaches about the benefits of natural, non-invasive healing techniques and therapies. Her Washington, D.C. registration and ANMA and ABH board certification along with her degree and certifications states that she is qualified in the use of all natural forms of healing including: acupressure; aromatherapy; Bach flower remedies; chronic diseases; clinical microscopy; color therapy; emotional release therapy; Gua Sha treatments; herbology; homeopathy; hypnotherapy; live blood and dry layer cell analysis; nutrition; raindrop therapy; reflexology; Reiki healing; truth and wellness facilitating. Kimberly Castaneda, N.D., has a private practice in Rockford located at 521 N. Longwood St. To schedule a private consultation or for Reiki classes and attunements, natural healing courses, emotional healing and self-discovery workshops and private sessions or wedding services; call (815) 963-1585. DISCOVERING WELLNESS. See online.

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