TRRT welcomes new crossword puzzles

Every day at noon finds TRRT staff girls working diligently over complex problems and verbal studies. They work through their lunch hour breaking down cryptic questions and analyzing enigmatic clues for further intellectual progression. Why do they forgo the leisure of a much-needed break in the work day? What is the nature of these oh-so difficult problems? Crossword puzzles, of course!

TRRT, as you already know, does indeed have a crossword puzzle near the TV guide, but sometimes the small, media-oriented box just does not satisfy the hunger for word game enthusiasts. In light of that situation, we are proud to present locally related crossword puzzles by Jeremy T. Paine. Try ’em out and let us know what you think. If the response is good enough in the next few weeks, we’ll continue the series. It’s just another of the many changes we have to offer in our continually growing paper to benefit the local community.

This first puzzle was described as “blatant pandering” by the creator, and thus has been named “TRRT Special.” We like pandering—a lot. We hope you enjoy it as well, and remember to send in your comments.

See The Rock River Times’ new crossword puzzle on page V11 of our printed issue.

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