Trucking plan rapped

July 1, 1993

Trucking plan rapped

By Joe Baker

By Joe Baker

Senior editor

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is up in arms over a proposal by the American Trucking Association. The union said the ATA wants Congress to give it direct access to the FBI’s databases.

ATA officials have said they want to use this method to make criminal background checks on drivers, dockworkers and other employees of the trucking industry.

Teamster President James Hoffa, Jr. said the ATA plan is to act as a background clearinghouse for criminal checks on its employees. That information—names and fingerprints—would be furnished to the FBI.

The federal agency then would conduct the background checks and give the results to the ATA. Hoffa said the ATA and its member employers would thereby have unlimited access to a wide range of sensitive information, including that totally unrelated to security at the nation’s seaports.

“We oppose this ‘fox guarding the chicken coop’ approach,” Hoffa said. “As we have seen in the airline industry, such unlimited access to an employee’s history, by a non-neutral party, has led to abusive practices—none of which were intended by the Airport Security Act.”

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