UFO expert in Illinois—part two

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On Oct. 2 in Edwardsville, Ill., Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center, gave a formal talk to the Illinois chapter of MUFON. The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON is an international organization with 3,000 members. Some of the best UFOlogists on the planet belong to MUFON.

In the previous article, I had incorrectly stated that Davenport had founded NUFORC. But NUFORC was founded in 1974; Davenport became director in the ’90s. During Davenport’s presentation, he talked about many incredible UFO sightings. But one he spent much time on was, in his words, “the most significant UFO sighting in modern history after 1947.” Davenport was referring to the Arizona sightings of March 13, 1997. Davenport said, “These sightings are the most dramatic, the most documented, and yet poorly understood cases ever.”

It really started in Henderson, Nev., where a young man reported a huge craft with five lights heading east at 6:55 p.m. At 8:20 p.m., a U-shaped object, very large in size, appeared near Phoenix. UFO reports began flowing in from the Phoenix area. It wasn’t long before it was discerned that there was more than one object, or one object was drastically changing shape. Witnesses Tim Lee, his wife and kids watched a craft that was V-shaped and was judged later to be two miles across. The final tally was 1,500 reports from a three-state area, which really means that the objects were probably seen by 3 million people.

One family watched a huge UFO as it moved slowly over their yard. It even hovered for five minutes. “It was solid and beautiful,” said the mother. “The kids lay on their backs to watch it.” The mother’s UFO description was recorded on tape and played by Davenport. The witness seemed very relaxed and enjoyed the encounter.

Davenport said that UFOs one to two miles in size and capable of drastically changing their shape were visible for two hours to people in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. “It’s the most dramatic UFO case ever,” said Davenport.

Just west of Phoenix at Luke Air Force Base, two jet fighters were scrambled to intercept the UFOs. At 3:20 a.m., a member of the ground crew that helped handle one of the two jets called Davenport’s hotline and talked to him. The crew member said one of the pilots could not exit the cockpit under his own power. The crewman went on to say that the gunship camera got great shots of the UFO. The Air Force base was shut down that night for security. No one on the wire had done anything about the Arizona lights.

Finally, on June 18, USA Today did an article. It caused a cascade of comment and turned interest into UFO “mania” as Davenport said. Outside of Roswell, the Arizona lights are the most documented of all UFO cases. There are also further ongoing facts. It’s thought that the armed forces, or at least the Air Force, went to DEFCON 3 on March 13, 1997, because of the Arizona lights. That’s one step from all-out, non-nuclear war.

That same night, President Clinton severely injured his leg, requiring surgery and the use of crutches for months. It’s speculated that Clinton was rushed from a friend’s house in Florida to a safe haven, which is a requirement of a DEFCON 3. The same was done to Bush on 9/11. Who’s to say Clinton didn’t get hurt that night being rushed from a strange, dark house to Air Force One? These events are no stranger than the Arizona lights.

Do you think we’re safe from terrorism? Do you think we’re safe from UFOism?

Rod Myers is a local resident with an interest in the environment, disability issues, and astronomy.

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