UFO seen over Dixon

UFO seen over Dixon

By Bill Heft, Director of Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO)

You would expect to see UFOs only in secluded, wooded areas, on lonely stretches of deserted highways and perhaps mountains and deserts. What you don’t expect to see is a UFO in a downtown area of a fair-sized town. But apparently it did happen, according to a resident of Dixon.

During August 1997, a report was brought to my attention at APRO headquarters by a Dixon woman who had been driving home from work on a stormy night at about 11:30 p.m. This person we will call “CW”, not her real name, as she has asked us to withhold it. CW was traveling alone. Because of a thunderstorm, the Dixon sky was covered with dense clouds.

As CW passed ShopKo’s shopping center, while driving south on Galena Avenue, she noticed a large light hovering below the clouds, off to her right, about half the size of a yard light. CW made a right turn onto Fourth Avenue at Burger King, and began driving west—this being the same route she took each evening when returning home from work. The light stayed in view as CW drove slowly up Fourth Avenue. Occasionally, her view was blocked by some trees, but the light never went away.

When CW crested the top of a hill, she saw the Jefferson Elementary School building on her left, and it was at this point she noticed the light began descending toward her car. As the light approached the car, CW stopped in the middle of the street, fearful the light would hit her car. Looking around the immediate area, the only sign of life she noticed was a moving van parked in a driveway with its headlights on. She thought the van could have been a U-Haul.

When CW looked up out her windshield, she saw that the light took on the description of some sort of craft. The bottom of the craft was completely visible to her because of the bright lights. As it had descended, CW was able to see the UFO from a side view and saw that it had a tower on top of it that was lit up with bright orange, red and white lights.

CW said the overall size was about twice that of a car. After she had stopped in the middle of Fourth Avenue, the ship finally descended to within what she estimated to be a distance of about three stories, stopped and hovered motionless. CW went on to describe how brilliant the lights of the ship were—especially the lights around the edge; she described them as a spectacular bluish green. CW felt that at this point, much of Dixon would have been able to see the UFO because of its lights, and the fact that it was on top of one of the highest hills in Dixon.

CW reported that the UFO hovered above her car for about two minutes. When I asked what happened next, she said: “I don’t know. The next thing I remembered was that I was down at the intersection of Palmyra and Fourth Avenue. (This is approximately one mile from where she had seen the object.) I don’t remember the UFO leaving, and I don’t remember leaving either.”

CW does remember being terrorized, and wanted to reach home as quickly as possible. When CW did arrive home, she called her boyfriend and explained what had happened. It was agreed that they would meet the next morning to discuss the issue.

When CW awoke the next morning, she noticed a series of small, red burn marks across her stomach, just above the belt line. These marks were shown to her boyfriend. He responded by saying that maybe CW should have the incident looked into, that maybe she had really seen something.

CW stated at this point that UFOs had never been a part of her life, and that she did not believe in them now, nor at any other time. In fact, she claimed she had not even realized it was a UFO until her boyfriend had mentioned it the next morning when shown the marks.

The possibility of an investigation was frightening to CW, and was discarded because of the implications that might arise.

The following day, CW was on the way home from work once again, but this time it was at about 2 a.m. She saw the same light in the vicinity of ShopKo, but this time it followed her all the way to her house. She ran into the house, woke her teen-age son, and together they ran back out of doors to look for the light, but saw nothing. It was the last time CW had witnessed the strange light.

Once we had been contacted at APRO, we arranged for a hypnotic regression examination by Dr. Karen Mitchell, who is an APRO member, to learn if CW had experienced any time loss and possible abduction.

CW met with Dr. Mitchell, but the results came out negative.

Still, her encounter may have happened, even though this person was in a populated area of town. Past recorded cases have shown this to happen in other sightings. Another good point in her favor that was brought out were the details seen by her on the bottom of the craft. As shown in the drawing that CW made for APRO, she describes the bottom of the craft as having small door-like features around its circumference. She went on to describe the doors as having rivets visible in their construction. In all the cases of UFO encounters received at APRO, we have never had a report of this kind.

APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) is the world’s oldest UFO reporting and investigating agency. APRO was founded in the early 1950s by Jim and Carol Lorenzen, near the Illinois/Wisconsin border. Later they moved APRO headquarters to Tucson, Ariz., where it remained until both of the Lorenzens passed away. In 1990, APRO was then moved back to northern Illinois, where it remains today.

Anyone wishing to report an encounter may do so by calling APRO at 815-273-3293 or writing APRO at P.O. Box 51, Savanna, IL. 61074. Or e-mail us at apple@grics.net

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