Underground Art Gallery hosts another show…

One of the most depressing aspects of Rockford culture, in my opinion, is the lack of patronage for the arts. I have stressed this in print time and time again, and yet no one seems to be paying any attention. Local artist Roni Golan is holding an art exhibit at his space, Underground Art Gallery, this weekend, and I can only hope that locally supportive citizens can find the time to make it out to 11th Street to witness Color Interpretations.

Roni’s work is truly buyable, and many should be delighted to have his work hanging in their studios, living rooms or dens for the atmospheric qualities. That does not mean that his paintings (mostly oils on wood and Masonite) are directed toward marketing, because there is a sense of freedom and self-expression showing that Golan has a love for color and interpretation of life experiences that transcends interest in monetary reward. Easily pegged as “abstracts,” his works have the ability (as far as objects have “ability”) to lend the viewer Golan’s own feelings transpired during the time of creation. Although I am not the world’s biggest fan of abstract and non-literal paintings (I prefer classical works, uncivilized clod as I am), Golan’s paintings strike me as aesthetically pleasing at the least. Some contain violent lines and colors that denote passion and emotions easily related to, and others give the impression of fluidity, peace and quietude.

In Golan’s own words, “I react to events and images from my everyday life experience, processing them to emotions and again to mostly primary colors, shapes and lines. The emotional filter is the one that leaves the most impression on my work.”

Therefore, Underground Art Gallery is an emotional place. One of the most impressive exhibiting locations in Rockford, the gallery has an environment of airiness and nature. What with the hardwood floors and incredibly high ceilings, as well as the magnitude of actual size, Underground Art Gallery makes visitors feel as if they’ve entered a new natural environment. The museum-like atmosphere makes it surprising that there are no “official” guided tours, but Golan will walk you around if you ask.

Color Interpretations will run from Sept. 18 to Sept. 20, between 4-9 p.m. each day. There is no entrance fee. The gallery is at 2110 11th Street. For more information, call 815/979-1944.

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