Update—What to see at ‘Military Veterans Awareness Open House’

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Here’s a brief rundown of what will be featured at the “Military Veterans Awareness Open House” Saturday, May 12, at Memorial Hall in downtown Rockford.

Groups in attendance: The American Legion (city, county, district and state officials); Veterans Of Foreign Wars (city, county and district officials); Korean War Veterans Association; VietNow (Rockford Charter Chapter and national officials); Vietnam Veterans Association; Vets Center (regional VA); E.S.G.A.R. (Employers Support for the Guard And Reserve); Illinois Army Air National Guard; Illinois Army National Guard; the U.S. Army; 509th Paratroop Battalion (re-enactment group); 2nd Infantry Division (re-enactment group); Battery G, Marching Civil War Soldiers (re-enactment group); plus others.

Equipment on display: Helicopters (UH60 Blackhawk (Gulf/Iraq); OH58C Kiowa (Vietnam)—weather permitting; U.S. Army Half Track (WWII and Korea); weapons carrier/rocket launcher (WWII and Korea); Jeeps from WWII, Korea and Vietnam; various Humvees (Gulf/Iraq War); various other current military equipment including 1-1/4 and 2-1/2-ton trucks; cannon and artillery pieces (Civil War and WWII).

American Legion Walter R. Craig Post 60 along with the Winnebago-Boone County American Legion posts are sponsoring this open house at Memorial Hall, 211 N. Main St. The event will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, May 12, and is free; the public is invited.

This is an open house inviting and honoring all veterans to participate in touring Memorial Hall.

Jerry Schroeder, a member of the American Legion Walter R. Craig Post 60, spoke to The Rock River Times. “Memorial Hall is a hall dedicated to the veterans and has been modernized and then opened to the public,” he said. “It really didn’t see a lot of use, either by the veterans or the public. We’re trying to get the public to come down there and see what it has to offer. We’re trying to encourage the use of it and also trying to have various organizations there.”

Schroeder added: “There will be re-enactment groups from the Civil War, Second World War, the Korean conflict and Vietnam. The public can talk with people at the displays.”

from the May 2-8, 2007, issue

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