Upgrade to the Jupiter 731NT deluxe clarinet

If you are a clarinet player who’s been at it a while, you may be thinking of upgrading from your entry-level model.

Jupiter, one of the world’s leading manufacturers has a gem in the 731NT. This intermediate clarinet is equipped with everything you would find on a much more expensive instrument and handles almost as easily.

The 731NT standard Bb clarinet has a body, bell and barrel cut from exotic Asian granadilla trees which grow in the forests of Mozambique and Tanzania. This imported wood allows for very warm tones that sometimes lack in clarinets made of plastic or rubber.

The 731 also boasts an adjustable neck strap and thumb rest. The nickel-silver keys offer fast action, which also lack in many entry-level clarinets.

Jupiter also features a .577” bore on the 731 Deluxe as well as finely-bored undercut tone holes.

The Jupiter 731NT lists for around $1,000. Most retailers let them go for as low as $600 and should include a solid case with this clarinet. If not, many after-market retailers sell them for very reasonable prices. A hard protective case is recommended to ensure safe portability. A durable hard clarinet case can be purchased for around $55.

Jupiter has been manufacturing band instruments since 1980, when it was formed by its parent company, KHS, which has been in business since 1930.

More information about Jupiter clarinets can be found at www.jupitermusic.com.

Jim Hagerty is a contributing writer for The Rock River Times, covering the local, regional and national entertainment scenes. He’s also the editor of Streaks, an arts and entertainment Web site (www.streaksonline) and the publisher of the North Central Illinois Edition of The Builder’s Journal. He can be reached at jimmyhags@hotmail.com.

from the March 28-April 3, 2007, issue

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