U.S. evidence faked?

U.S. evidence faked?

By Joe Baker, Senior Editor

The United States fabricated evidence against Slobodan Milosevic, former Yugoslav president, in the mid-1990s, while Serbia and Bosnia clashed in that region, according to Swedish press.

That claim was contained in an article published by the Swedish daily, Aftonbladet. It quoted a retired Swedish Brigadier General, Bo Pellnas, who formerly headed UN military observers in Croatia.

Pellnas says the U.S. can’t be trusted. His attitude developed while he was engaged in peacekeeping in the area that was Yugoslavia. He charged the U.S. “faked evidence to suit their own interests.”

The general told the newspaper: “If the U.S. were to present evidence of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, the countries of the western world would have no way to substantiate these reports due to the technical superiority of the U.S.”

Pellnas said he observed U.S. duplicity first-hand while he was patrolling the border between Serbia and Bosnia. “The technical superiority of the U.S. gives their politicians the option of bringing forth fake evidence, in this case in front of the United Nations Security Council.”

The general was serving in the former Yugoslavia when Madeline Albright, who was then U.S. Secretary of State, presented evidence before the UN claiming that the Belgrade government of Milosevic was running unmonitored arms shipments.

Pellnas said Albright showed doctored satellite photos as proof of the false claims and convinced the Security Council to back the hard line of the U.S. against Milosevic.

He said it’s possible Albright may have believed the photographs to be true “but several incidents pointed towards the fact that the U.S. lied.” American officials refused to show Pellnas or anyone else any supporting evidence for Albright’s claims.

“If the U.S. were to come forth with evidence against Iraq which was difficult to confirm, the permanent members of the council will be put in a difficult situation,” Pellnas said, “since they lack the sufficient tools to research and verify such claims.”

Pellnas said he favors action by the European Union to develop its own intelligence agency and become a counterbalance to U.S. aggressiveness.

“It would be great,” he said, “if the EU could act as a balance to the world’s only true superpower, which acts alone these days.”

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