VA improves access to life insurance information

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced recently that veterans will now be able to access their Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI) accounts at any time of the day or night from any computer or telephone.

“Today’s veterans are technologically savvy, and VA’s Life Insurance program is constantly looking for better ways to meet their needs,” said Under Secretary for Benefits Daniel L. Cooper. “We will be adding new features to both our online account and interactive voice response systems on a continuing basis so veterans can manage their policies from anywhere, at any time.”

Using a secure Web site, the VGLI Online Account Access system allows veterans to obtain basic information on their account through the insurance Web site at

Veterans will be able to view their current amount of coverage, premium rate, and billing method, as well as change their billing address. In the future, veterans will have access to additional online tools allowing them to change their method and frequency of payment.

Also available on VA’s insurance Web site is a new life insurance calculator that allows veterans to calculate a recommended amount of life insurance based on their financial information.

The veteran enters financial information directly into the Web site including financial obligations, net additional income needed by survivors and current assets. By subtracting total assets from total financial obligations and net income needed, the calculator arrives at the amount of life insurance recommended.

Users’ privacy will be protected by the latest cybersecurity measures.

Veterans can also access their account information through a new VGLI interactive voice response system that allows veterans to obtain account information through the telephone.

Veterans can call VA at 1-800-419-1473 any time, day or night, by using their telephone keypad and can hear recorded information on their accounts.

They can also request certain changes to their VGLI accounts, such as billing frequency and payment method, as well as order certain forms via mail or fax.

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