Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the allergy sufferer in your life

Surprise your sniffling sweetie with a CADR certified air cleaner. If dust, tobacco smoke and/or pollen is to blame for the allergy and/or asthma symptoms in your home, a CADR rated air cleaner may be just the answer.

The Clean Air Delivery Rate program began in 1998 to simplify the air cleaner selection process for consumers who are confused by the various types of cleaners in the market. The program involves a rigorous testing process in an independent testing lab where separate effectiveness ratings are determined for reduction of tobacco smoke, dust and pollen for each air cleaner.

Twenty seven brands and close to 190 different models have been tested and are listed in the Directory of Certified Air Cleaners released on a quarterly basis. The directory and other materials are available by mail or from You can also link to the Web sites of each of manufacturer to view their products, compare the different types of technology, and find purchase information.

According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), a portable air cleaner, certified for its Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) may significantly reduce the level of airborne pollutants in a home. A recent study conducted by AHAM showed 28 percent of air cleaner owners acquired the appliance to improve their own health and health of other adults in the household. According to another AHAM study, 57 percent of air cleaner owners believe their air cleaners have had a large impact on the quality of indoor air, and 32 percent believe their air cleaner has led to an improvement in their health and/or the health of other household members.

Before purchasing an air cleaner, know the square footage of the room you want to treat. You’ll want to select an air cleaner that’s large enough for the room you’re treating. Also, consider air filtering efficiency. Look for the CADR seal on the product packaging. The seal indicated that the unit has been tested for its performance and shows how well an air cleaner reduces pollutants such as tobacco smoke, pollen and dust.

CADR is a resource that can help you select an appropriate air cleaner. Log on to, or call 800-267-3138 to obtain a Consumers Guide to Selecting an Air Cleaner and show your love by giving the gift of clean air this Valentine’s Day!

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