View From the Right: A wake-up call?

View From the Right: A wake-up call?

By Judy Howard

A wake-up call?

It was a tragedy—a horror—an indescribable incident. How dare they enter our free country without warning, and annihilate nearly 7,000 people? They have awakened the “sleeping giant.” But why were we asleep? Because of our wealth? Because of our freedoms? Also, I would add, because of our ignorance of Yahweh God.

Thankfully, Almighty God in His infinite wisdom and mercy, has already begun to turn this evil into a blessing. Remember the Old Testament story of Joseph? Joseph had been sold into slavery by his own brothers. His brothers lied to their father, insinuating Joseph had been killed by robbers. Subsequently, their land was encompassed with famine, forcing Joseph’s brothers into neighboring Egypt for foodstuffs. Unbeknownst to them, Joseph had risen through the ranks to become the reigning Pharaoh’s assistant. (Genesis 37-50)

Joseph recognized his brothers when they asked for grain. Excusing himself, he retreated to another room and wept. Returning to his brothers, he gave them the grain they had purchased, demanding they return with their youngest brother, Benjamin.

The story ends with Joseph’s brothers weeping and asking Joseph’s forgiveness. Joseph responded by saying in Genesis 50:20, “But as for you, you thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.” In other words, the horror of Joseph being sold into slavery by his own jealous brothers, was used by Almighty God to allow Joseph’s family entry into Egypt to buy grain to survive the famine. What Satan intended for evil, Yahweh God “meant for good.”

Our young nation, the United States of America, only 200-plus years old, is recognized worldwide as a Judeo-Christian nation. We attempt to abide by God Almighty’s Ten Commandments. As a result, God has blessed us through these few years of existence with peace and wealth. In return, those of us who consider ourselves believers have thanked God for these blessings. That’s where the trouble starts. Satan hates Almighty God and anyone who professes belief in Him. He is determined to destroy our faith. American tragedies have occurred throughout our history. They did not destroy our faith in God. The Twin Towers Tragedy is Satan’s latest attempt. However, already Satan’s plans for evil, just like Joseph’s sale into slavery, have become God’s plans for good. Our nation has awakened. Nationwide, people are searching for Almighty God’s plan for their lives. Nationwide, evil has been turned to good. Praise His name!

Money, money and more money!!!

First, it was the public school system, lawyer-led liberals demanding property tax money from homeowners/taxpayers to “educate” and “integrate” students. What was the result? Millions of dollars later, too many students still graduate illiterate. All over the city, volunteers are teaching the 3 Rs separate from the public school system.

Now the Rockford Park District (RPD) liberals decide they need more soccer fields, complete with restaurant and bar. Their excuse is this would bring so many tourist dollars, they would not need to tax homeowners. Now that we have been forced to defend our borders with billions of taxpayer dollars, we’d expect the RPD would have the courtesy to excuse themselves from this frivolous suggestion. No courtesy here. In fact, since the far-reaching New York tragedy, completely oblivious to reality, the RPD has floated bonds for RPD repairs.

Next in line is the Rockford Library Board asking for millions of taxpayer dollars. New Library Director Philip Cherry wants to compete with Barnes and Noble and Borders, instituting a coffee atmosphere, complete with overstuffed chairs as well as banks of computers for library patrons. Cherry feels this will enhance downtown. Radical liberals think taxpayers have deep pockets.

Reality is non-existent at the school district, park board and library board. We have just endured an invasion of our homeland. Have radical left-wingers again donned horse blinders? As President Bush announced, the next several years, we will need to militarily respond to this invasion. Necessarily, this means taxpayers’ money. On the battlefield, no soccer fields, restaurants or bars. No overstuffed chairs for coffee drinkers. In fact, tourism will become very sparse when reality hits taxpayers’ pocketbooks. I remember WWII. We ate lots of potatoes and cornbread. No restaurants, overstuffed chairs or soccer fields. Wake up to reality, left-wingers!

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