View From the Right: Abortion and politics again

View From the Right: Abortion and politics again

By Judy H. Howard

Abortion and politics again

They’re desperate—the Corinne Wood for Governor women activists. So again, abortion “rights,” as they call them, are at the top of their list. A recent ad portrays two women, supposedly upset that Wood’s opponents oppose these “rights.” Such an opposition is “too extreme,” they say. They don’t understand why these “rights” would not be available “even in cases of rape and incest.” Discussing this between themselves while walking through a park, their final comment is that such a decision should be between a woman and her doctor.

No mention is made of the abortion/breast cancer link (ABC) proven by “26 out of 32 published studies on the subject worldwide and 12 out of 13 studies in the United States.” (Dr. Joel Brind, Baruch College of the City University of New York.) Dr. Brind explains the ABC link medically in his many writings.

When a woman becomes pregnant, her estrogen levels begin to rise appropriately. If, for some reason, they do not, the woman will experience a miscarriage. The “hormone surge” results in an increase in “undifferentiated” (non-specific) cells in the mother’s breasts while preparing for the infusion of breast milk. These “undifferentiated” cells, remember, non-specific, do not become “differentiated” (specific) until the final weeks of pregnancy. If “undifferentiated” cells are destroyed before “differentiation” (specification) because of pregnancy termination, the breasts are highly vulnerable to cancer. According to Dr. Brind, cancer risk depends on the mother’s age at puberty, when she first conceives, and the length of the pregnancy prior to abortion.

“It’s betweeen a woman and her doctor”? Perhaps, if “the doctor” is one who explains the ABC risk while showing the “woman,” potential mother, an ultrasound of the baby she is carrying. In Australia, a woman sued an abortion doctor because he did not warn her of the “research linking abortion with breast cancer.” (“Parties in abortion-breast cancer suit settle,” WorldNetDaily, 12/30/01) Attorney Charles Francis says two other cases were settled in Australia in 1996, while another one is still progressing in Australia.

A similar case is being heard in North Dakota in March, 2002. The Red River Women’s Clinic is the defendant and, as expected, claims there is no link between abortion and breast cancer supported by medical research.

When will women considering abortion be told the truth about the abortion/breast cancer link? Probably not while Planned Parenthood (PP) still exists, reaping millions of dollars while legally terminating infant life. Stop Planned Parenthood, STOPP International, is voicing their anger about PP providing free abortions to victims of the 9/11 disaster as they did in the Kosovo refugee crisis. (“Dial 9-11 for Free Abortion,” Art Moore, WorldNetDaily, 01/18/02)

Hopefully, the women walking in the park discussing Corinne Wood’s pro-abortion stance will educate themselves as to the reality of the abortion/breast cancer connection. Hopefully, Corinne Wood also will educate herself concerning ABC.

Judy Howard is a wife, mother and grandmother who is politically active in our community.

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