View from the right: And the world keeps turning

View from the right: And the world keeps turning

By Judy J. Howard

And the world keeps turning

The more the world changes, the more it stays the same. Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco? Is Sagle, Idaho another holocaust in the making? It’s a question Attorney Edgar J. Steele is asking ( Steele is representing the Utah mother and children besieged by “law enforcement officials” since the father died. Mr. Steele’s story does not jibe with the so-called mainstream media story. “A modern tragedy in the making” is the title he is giving this tragic happening.

Again, it looks like money is the bottom line. The McGuckin family has had their 40 acres–described as prime timber country with a lakefront–confiscated and sold by the county government for past-due taxes. Remember, the father, Mr. McGuckin, suffered with multiple sclerosis until his recent demise. He was, therefore, unable to provide for his family. The McGuckin 40 acres is on beautiful land which will pour millions of dollars into the buyer’s pocket. The buyer has not been identified, nor their plans for the property. According to Steele, it was handled through a bank. The government–which the McGuckins fear–sold this wealthy property for $50,000 to satisfy the tax bill. Do you get the picture?

A bereaved Mrs. McGuckin accepted a ride off the property to obtain food for her family from a local food bank. Trusting her “friends,” she never returned to her children and home. The ride turned out to be a fabricated police sting operation. Local law enforcement decided she needed to be incarcerated because she was, in their words, “mentally incapacitated.” After all, she home-schools her children, they have no running water because the pump was broken, and the laundry has piled up. She trusted her “friends” who offered to help her. Sounds like she rightfully mistrusted the government representatives. According to Mr. Steele, contrary to mainstream media reports, no gunshots have been fired, nor have the vital utilities been cut off.

Imagine Mrs. McGuckin’s horror when told she would not be returned to her children. Imagine the children’s horror when told their mother had been arrested. The government has given Child Protection Services (CPS) responsibility for the children. In other words, the Nanny Government Officials have decided the children would be better off without their mother or their home. Looks like it’s up to concerned citizens to convince the Nanny Government and the stinker who bought the prime property at such a low price that we don’t want another Ruby Ridge or Waco. Neither do we want Nanny Government to make our family decisions for us. Had Mrs. McGuckin continued her distrust of her government, she would probably be still in the house with her children. It’s time to contact Attorney Steele.

School board meeting folly

That’s what I call it—school board meeting folly. I always liked Dr. Ellen Bueschel. But when I saw her attempt to explain “The Plan for the Plan” to school board members, using a pyramid graphic, both right side up and upside down with “two left hands,” I thought, “Beam me up, Scottie.” It looked like something from outer space. Her introduction explaining we needed to redefine “neighborhood” and “minority” certainly was worthy of two left hands–liberals so broad-minded their brains have fallen out, as Dad would say. What have we spent multiple millions of taxpayer dollars for? Do we still not know the definition of “neighborhood” and “minority”?

When our School Board Representative David Strommer described it as “racial baloney of busing for children,” I thought, “Right on, David. Good thing someone has some common sense.” The May 30, 2001 Chicago Tribune headline, “Schools a $2 billion study in failure” might as well have described the Rockford People Who Care fiasco. We didn’t spend as much as Kansas City; however, our results are nearly identical. “Test scores, meanwhile, remained stagnant” was the Tribune’s conclusion. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Kansas City ended up with a 100-acre farm (lots of farmers don’t even have 100 acres), hundreds of computers, a classical Greek theater, trips to Europe and Africa for fencing students–all paid for by property owners, many of whom don’t own computers, nor do they know how to fence. Kansas City now has 72 percent blacks and 8 percent Latinos in their schools. The ultimate in integration? Maybe that’s the upside-down pyramid. Or perhaps they have a court-approved rewritten definition of “neighborhood” and “minority.” Two left hands!

Gary Orfield, Harvard University sociologist, after much study of Kansas City, commented, “Kansas City is a very, very sad story. They really can’t show much of anything, though they spent $2 billion.” Thankfully, the Appeals Court saw the expensive folly of continued forced integration and busing in Rockford. Now it’s back to the parents. Family poverty and racial minority are lousy excuses for student failure. It’s the Nanny Government excuse and has been disproven by both Kansas City and Rockford. Parental responsibility is an absolute necessity. Without it, children fail, regardless of income level or race.

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