View From the Right: Big Mama Rockford failed again

View From the Right: Big Mama Rockford failed again

By Judy J. Howard

Big Mama Rockford failed again

More money! That’s what Rockford Park District Director Webbs Norman, a great guy, is asking the Rockford property owner for in order to provide athletic, primarily soccer, activities for urban and underprivileged children, Webbs’ words. Again, the working homeowner/taxpayer is being asked to parent someone else’s children. Webbs, your passion for underprivileged children is commendable. However, we have already tried this with enormously expensive forced public school integration. What are the results? Children still graduate unable to read. Rock Valley College and Rockford College still teach “remedial” reading courses for public school graduates who would like to attend college. Juvenile delinquency and drug proliferation continue. Politician after politician still pleads for financial help for underprivileged families. Big Mama social programs still fail.

At a park district meeting recently, I told Webbs and retired Judge Harris Agnew how I had grown up poor, too. My father made a minimal salary. Our meals were nutritious, yet monotonous. (Mom made lots of cornbread.) It was common to wear hand-me-down clothing. Dad bought and paid for our house. All six of us children grew up without crime records. Mom and Dad made sure we knew phonics, enabling us to graduate from high school able to read and ready for work. Some of us even attended college.

Mom and Dad didn’t ask for welfare assistance. They didn’t depend on various social programs to keep us busy after school and in the summer. While we were still young, Mom and Dad gave us household jobs to do after school. It’s called teaching responsibility. In the summer, we babysat for neighbors, mowed neighbors’ lawns, picked corn for farmers. I volunteered at a local hospital—complete with candy-stripe uniform.

Therein lies the solution to juvenile delinquency, illiteracy and lack of work. We had Mom and Dad to encourage, feed, clothe and educate us. No one outside our family was asked to shoulder those responsibilities. We did not know we were poor. We did not have problems with the law. When it came time for us to work outside the home, no one needed to “train” us how to get to work every day or how to dress for work. Dad taught us his work habits.

Big Mama social programs have failed public school students, and, I would venture to say, they will fail to keep undisciplined children off our streets and into park district activities. We saw a tragic example of failed Big Mama parenting this past week when Police Detective Kevin Rice was murdered by a 19-year-old man recently released from prison for murdering someone when he was only 12 years old. Where were this murderer’s parents? Why was he already killing when only 12 years old? Big Mama social programs were certainly available for him. But if parents don’t care for their children, the children will not care for others. It’s a vicious cycle promulgated by broad-minded, do-good, Big Mama social program-supporting liberals who think taxpayer money will solve society’s problems. Big Mama hasn’t solved them yet. How many billions of dollars in social programs will be spent for government Big Mama parenting before we accept the proven statistics of failure?

The slavery of stem cell research

Yes, slavery. The only difference is that tiny, immature embryos, some still in Mom’s womb, with no choice of their own, are being “harvested,” the politically correct term, and forced into slavery for the good of already physically ill individuals. What is wrong with this picture? So far, embryonic stem cells have not been proven successful in this research. CBN News journalist Melissa Charbonneau, recently interviewed by Dr. John Chute, who has conducted stem cell research, asking him his opinion about using adult stem cells as opposed to embryonic stem cells. He is surprised that adult stem cell research is just now being recognized, as it has been in existence for 30 years with great success. (, 8/10/01) “These cells,” he says, “appear to have ‘plasticity.’ Under certain conditions, they may be able to differentiate into other tissues.” In other words, adult stem cells seem to be more malleable, adjusting to various organ needs, Why, then, are we racing down the slippery slope toward research with enslaved, unborn embryonic stem cells rather than proven, volunteer adult stem cells?

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