View from the right-Hypocrisy of religious profiling

View from the right-Hypocrisy of religious profiling

By Judy J. Howard

Hypocrisy of religious profiling

Welcome to the White House, President and First Lady Bush. The mere presence of you on Inauguration Day renews my respect for our U.S. Constitution and our rule of law. How reassuring it was to see you, President Bush, publicly asking for Almighty God’s guidance and wisdom, knowing all of us, as well as Almighty God, are watching you. Your quiet, sophisticated appearances at D.C. balls gave me a special pride, recognizing your acceptance of an awesome responsibility. It was a special pleasure to see First Lady Laura’s lovely, sophisticated choice of ball gown—deep red, sequined and conservatively tailored. By the way, my husband doesn’t like to dance, either.

May I also thank you for your appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast, Mr. President. How refreshing to hear you say the days of discriminating against religious organizations, simply because they are religious, must end. Later in the day, Congressman J. C. Watts commented how “amazing” it is that the separation of church and state is only mentioned by liberals when conservatives talk about helping poor people. It’s called religious profiling, Mr. Watts.

Unfortunately, Mr. Klinton’s hypokritical eskapades kontinue. Liberal graffiti trashed White House walls. Obviously, HillBill had a staff of immature, irresponsible, radical, hate-mongering liberal thugs operating in our White House. Typical Democrats! God is watching you, too!

Hopefully, Congress will investigate the thuggery. Who will pay the redecorating bill? We taxpayers, of course!

The hypocritical hate-mongering, religious profiling continued into the John Ashcroft hearings. Overgrown, spoiled brat Sen. Ted Kennedy led the liberal legacy. Yes, Ted Kennedy. Remember his liberal escapades in his younger days? We still haven’t heard an explanation why he let his girlfriend drown, following their famous auto accident. One of Teddy’s greatest worries is that Sen. Ashcroft is unabashedly religious. Sounds pretty serious to me. Religious people believe in the Ten Commandments and loving their neighbor as themselves. What could be more frightening?

Even our own Illinois Senator Dick Durbin espoused his unfounded, prejudicial accusations against Sen. Ashcroft. Dickey boy, you need to see forced-government school integration in action. Visit our city of Rockford, Ill. and see the irrefutable damage done by our own unbelievably expensive forced-integration lawsuit. The children are taught in classrooms which meet ethnic percentages, as ordered by uncaring federal judges, still graduating unable to read and write. You are so concerned about racial integration of school children while simultaneously cheering pro-choicers who selfishly choose to eliminate their unplanned, unwanted, innocent children before they even see a schoolhouse door. Hypocrisy continues!

After two weeks of verbally grilling Sen. Ashcroft, accusing him of everything their juvenile, constitutionally illiterate minds could conjure up, most of the Democrats, now losing their religiously discriminatory battle, told President Bush he’d better watch out when he attempts to appoint anyone to the Supreme Court. President Bush, who dares to discuss his Christianity. Talk about hypocritical, spoiled brats—all of them! Radical, hate-mongering, left-wing, non-Christian, liberal hypocritical spoiled brats! If President Bush dares to nominate anyone to the Supreme Court who respects his/her neighbor, whether born or unborn, liberal, left-wing, radical Democrats will accuse him/her of believing who knows how many Ten Commandments. They will elevate religious profiling to an art form.

At the Prayer Breakfast, President Bush dared to ask for our prayers, telling us he wants to be “God’s good and faithful servant.” Sounds like a pretty dangerous man to me. Right, Teddy and Dickey?

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Attorneys Richard Scruggs, Pascagoula, Miss., and John Coale, Wash., are two attorneys filing suits against Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, manufacturer of Ritalin, and the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Lawsuits have been filed in California, Texas and New Jersey. Attorney Coale, speaking of the defendants, said, “They were giving this stuff away like candy.” (“Here’s to Your Health,” Spotlight, Oct. 23, 2000).

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