View From the Right: In the name of religion, history repeats itself

View From the Right: In the name of religion, history repeats itself

By Judy J. Howard

By Judy J. Howard

In the name of

religion, history repeats itself

Physical and spiritual destruction in the name of religion, initiated by male religious extremists (MREs) is tearing apart Euro-American and Middle Eastern cultures. The current Muslim religious destruction didn’t just start with the 9-11 incident. Remember the Lebanon U.S. military barracks attack in 1983? The Twin Towers attack in 1993? Then they destroyed them on 9-11. In fact, there is something about September. In September 1970, Muslim MREs “simultaneously hijacked” five airplanes. (News From Israel, May 2002)

Muslim MREs have so much hatred for Israel, they seem to hesitate at nothing to destroy even innocent women and children. The search engine will bring up the Koran. You can read how Muslims are taught to hate Jews and Christians.

Catholics MREs are responsible for spiritually destroying young, innocent Catholic boys by sexually abusing them. This may not kill the body, but it certainly can kill the soul/personality.

In Matthew 18:6, we read, “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” It’s time for Catholic clerics to dust off their Bibles and read them. Black-robed religious male leaders who incessantly cover up the sins/crimes of other black-robed religious male leaders need punishment along with those who committed the crime, whether Muslim or Catholic.

Washington Post writer Charles Krauthammer, speaking of the Catholic crisis, wrote, “Why didn’t the church call the cops?” (, 06/17/02) As a biblical Christian, I ask, “Why didn’t the church read the Bible?” Krauthammer continues, “Of absolute concern for non-Catholics, is how the church treats crime.” In Matthew 18:6 the Lord Jesus told us how to treat this crime and any other which harms “little ones” who “believe in Me.” There has to be a punishment which fits the crime.

Muslim MREs kill and enslave Christians in Sudan and Indonesia. Why does their religion allow this tragedy? Arafat has stolen “5.1M foreign aid.” (, 06/17/02). Apparently, Muslim MREs allow this even though their own people are starving. Is this, too, part of their religion?

It doesn’t matter which religion MREs represent. Christian MREs have supported destroying abortion clinics when the Bible tells us to “love our enemies,” an opposite doctrine from Islam according to the Koran. Cultures, through the centuries, have been desecrated by religious extremists. It’s an endless cycle. Tragically, today young females have become involved in religious extremism, making themselves human bombs. (Hitler’s goal was to “control the minds of children.”)

Decades ago, biblical prophecy students said the final war would be religious, between Mohammedans (today’s Muslims) and Jews. Contemporary Bible students have forgotten these ancient prophecies. As George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to fulfill it.”

Judy Howard is a wife, mother and grandmother who is politically active in our community.

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