View from the right–More school shootings, more blame

View from the right–More school shootings, more blame

By Judy J. Howard

More school shootings,

more blame

School shootings continue—blame continues. The latest round of shootings started with a 15-year-old California schoolboy shooting schoolmates, killing two of them. Within just a matter of days, more school children, nationwide, decided to copy that revenge-method in their schools.

Who is to blame? Thanks to radio and television news programs, the blame game is running rampant. Parents seem to be at the top of the list, along with teachers, amoral school curriculum and video shooting games. Gun control advocates are also marching to the beat of this drum.

Before we discuss this further, let’s look at some statistics. The School Crime and Violence Statistics, Pepperdine University,, have released their numbers for school crime since 1992. In 1992-93, there were 43 school shooting deaths. The numbers have continually decreased until last year, 1999-2000, according to the National School Safety Center (, there were only seven (7) school shooting deaths. Let me say that again. School shooting deaths have DECREASED since 1992. California had the most shooting deaths since 1992, 66 of them, with Florida and Georgia close behind at 17 each. Illinois has had nine (9) school shooting deaths since 1992, Wisconsin had one (1). Sounds like parents are being more careful with their guns.

What about blame for parents and teachers? I have placed them in the same category because, more and more, parents expect teachers to not only teach children, but to feed, clothe, immunize and provide after-school babysitting for them. Teaching children morals is floating in the atmosphere somewhere because parents work all day to pay their unreasonably high taxes, while public school teachers are told by the ACLU and other amoral liberals that teachers cannot legally teach morals in the classroom.

Video shooting games enter the picture when hard-working parents are unable to discipline children after school. These same children look for some kind of entertainment. Thus, video entertainment enters the picture. Sometimes the unhealthy video games are available at home; sometimes the children see them at a theatre, restaurant or friend’s house. Remember, video curriculum is employed in schools, even right here in Rockford Public Schools, so the undisciplined school child’s brain is programmed to think video entertainment is acceptable.

Each time there is another school shooting, the gun control advocates come blazing into the news. Read the stats, gun controllers. School shooting deaths are steadily decreasing; that means “going down.” States which have enforced gun control, find guns for crime are not controlled. In other words, the law-abiding citizen loses his/her protection against the criminal while the criminal continues his/her crime. Look at the state of Maryland. That state is now a haven for robbers since gun control, no guns for law-abiders, was legalized.

Our whole society is to blame. Children need to be taught respect for their fellow students, not revenge. Who is going to teach them?

Remember “Know Your Customer” banking?

In 1998, when Suzanne Lee still graced the WNTA airwaves, we discussed the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) banking regulations. (We miss you, Suzanne. You discussed otherwise censored information.) KYC is now going global. According to, a “Switzerland-based banking committee has launched an effort to globalize” the KYC banking program. The excuse is a need to regulate “financial crimes.” In other words, all of us are guilty of “financial crimes” until proven innocent. Didn’t the recently Klinton-pardoned, lawbreaking financier flee to Switzerland rather than pay for his crimes in the U.S.? Our own FDIC needs to “obtain knowledge regarding the legitimate activities of their customers.” Looks like it’s time to contact our congresspersons again. We stopped the KYC atrocity before; hopefully, we can do it again.

Taxpayer tax relief

The wealthy, Lexus-driving liberals are hate-mongering again. How dare President Bush suggest tax relief for the going-to-work-everyday-used-car-driving, taxpaying citizen? Remember, wealthy liberals, who already own expensive cars, clothing and homes, your president, Klinton, while in office, regularly raised taxes. The high bracket went from 28 percent to 41.5 percent. These high-bracket taxpayers are the ones who are providing jobs for the going-to-work-everyday taxpayer/citizen/voters. We also haven’t forgotten the $32 billion given yearly to Earned Income Tax Credit non-taxpayers. Just how dumb do you think we hard-working taxpayers are, Lexus liberals?

Another Klinton pardon, another Jesse friend

Ms. Dorothy Rivers, former Chicago Mental Health Foundation executive director, Chicago, was also pardoned by Klinton. Ms. Rivers had pleaded guilty to stealing $1.2 million in government grants. She purchased a $35,000 fur coat, a Mercedes-Benz and had outlandishly expensive parties. Now Ms. Rivers serves on Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition board. Looks like Jesse’s friends are taught how to make and spend money, regardless of the law.

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