View From the Right: Oh, horrors! Planned Parenthood partner to sexual abuse?

View From the Right: Oh, horrors! Planned Parenthood partner to sexual abuse?

By By Judy J. Howard

Could it be that Planned Parenthood (PP) and the National Abortion Federation (NAF) are knowingly breaking the law? The July 2002 Life Issues Institute, Inc. newsletter is headlined, “Evidence Shows Abortion Industry Partners with Sexual Predators” by Bradley Mattes. The article continues, “Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation are providing cover for men who sexually abuse underage girls.” Grown men sexually abusing young girls and getting away with it? Has our liberal tolerance gone so far as to allow men who should know better, not only to have sexual access to but to illegally impregnate young girls without any recrimination? Isn’t that why we have statutory rape laws?

Life Dynamics, Inc., Denton, Texas ( research has shown that “the younger the girl is, the older the perpetrator is likely to be.” They decided to survey PP and NAF facilities nationwide themselves. So they called pretending to be a “13-year-old girl impregnated by a 22-year-old man.” Over 90 percent of the facilities told the “girl” various ways to “circumvent the law and not report it to the authorities.” Isn’t this called lying? If parental involvement was required, some of the clinic staff simply told the “girl” to “bring along someone old enough to impersonate a parent.” Illegal impersonation?

Various state attorneys general, having been informed of Life Dynamics’ findings, intend to investigate both the incidents and those who answered the young girl’s inquiries. Public school districts which have allowed PP into their classrooms channeling “underage girls” into “a system that facilitates a crime” will also be investigated. Those with knowledge of such a sexual crime are encouraged to call your state attorney general, or here in Rockford, State’s Attorney Paul Logli. If PP and NAF receive state and federal money, shouldn’t they be compelled to follow state and federal law? More information is available from Life Dynamics, 1-800-800-5433 or

Remember Bobby Seale?

According to Jamie Glazwo, writing in the Schwarz Report, June 2002, Bobby Seale has “confessed” that the Black Panther Party members were “extortionists, gangsters and murderers.” Did you get that? This is Bobby Seale himself talking.

He admitted to the murder of Betty VanPatter, who had been recruited to “keep the books” for an Oakland, Calif. “Learning Center,” a supposed school for Black Panther children. As it turned out, the Learning Center was nothing more than a “military training center” used to embezzle California state and local education funds. When Betty found something wrong with Panthers’ financial records, she informed Elaine Brown, Panther leader at the time.

Betty had been recommended to the Panthers by David Horowitz, then a liberal leftist who was horrified when Betty was eliminated. Now a conservative journalist who has seen the light of truth, Horowitz has written “Black Murder, Inc.,” an essay in the Schwarz Report discussing Black America’s revolt in the ’70s. By the way, Betty’s murder remains unsolved.

Judy Howard is a wife, mother and grandmother who is politically active in our community.

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