View From The Right: PK/PK Peacekeeping/People Kontrol

View From The Right: PK/PK Peacekeeping/People Kontrol

By Judy Howard

PK/PK Peacekeeping/PeopleKontrol

According to the Marine Times, March 3, 2001, a Vehicle (Humvee) Mounted Active Denial System (VMADS) has been developed which “fires directed energy at human targets.” Actually, it’s “microwaves on the electromagnetic spectrum” non-lethal, they say, used for peacekeeping/peoplekontrol. You read that right—people control. A people-zapper.

The VMADS heats the skin, making it uncomfortable for people in a crowd, Supposedly, it will not hurt people. This is peacekeeping? Who decides when “peacekeeping” is necessary, and who defines “peace”? What happens to First Amendment rights? Is the ACLU prepared for lawsuits from “improper usage of the VMADS”?

It doesn’t stop there! Thanks to the 9/11 event, legislation called the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) has been introduced in state legislatures. This “act” ( is so complex, complete with legal jargon, you can’t tell me it wasn’t written before 9/11. Read it for yourself. It gives state governors legal dictatorship whenever the governor decides it’s necessary. PK/PK Peacekeeping/peoplekontrol.

MSEHPA language will sound all too familiar to Orientals interned during WWII. The governor has the jurisdiction to decide when an emergency should be declared, how it should be defined and what measures should be taken for people control. Very important people (VIPs) wrote this act—The Center for Law and the Public’s Health at Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with the National Governors Association. Now that’s a mouthful of VIPs. Remember Hillary’s infamous Health Plan later found to be illegal? Lawrence O. Gostin, one of Hillary’s Health Plan cohorts, was one of MSEHPA’s prime writers.

MSEHPA is in the legislative pipeline here in Illinois and will be reconsidered later this month. By executive order, the governor is given dictatorial authority over decisions concerning declaration of bioterrorism (and other tragedies), financial authority powers, complete control of public safety, diagnosis of fatal infectious agents and biological toxins, including medical exams and patient records, and, get this, quick-take power of eminent domain to capture, at his demand, taxpayers’/voters’ personal property.

If enforced, MSEHPA would, in the blink of the eye, bring police state martial law at the governor’s whim. Article V, Special Powers During State of Public Health Emergency: Control of Persons (PK/PK) gives control of individuals, mandatory medical examinations, isolation and quarantine, enforced vaccination and treatment, etc. Now if that doesn’t make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, you have already been neutered.

According to the Synopsis of Illinois Bill SB 1529, MSEHPA “Provides for immunity from liability.” In other words, when the governor proclaims a state of emergency, he can proceed full speed ahead ordering us to get vaccinated for whatever disease he chooses, quarantine us and then seize our property because the Illinois act “amends the Code of Civil Procedure to authorize quick-take powers of eminent domain. Effective immediately.” Isn’t that Marxism?

I suppose if we don’t want to cooperate, the governor can order the Marines to zap us with the Vehicle Mounted Active Denial System on top of a Marine Humvee. So much for PK/PK peacekeeping/peoplekontrol.

Time to bombard state legislators with phone calls.

Judy Howard is a wife, mother and grandmother who is politically active in our community.

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