View from the right: Separation of church and state? Only when politically correct

View from the right: Separation of church and state? Only when politically correct

By Judy J. Howard

Separation of church and state? Only when politically correct

Is it time for churches to go underground? Are they being forced to go that direction? Remember the frog being tossed into cold water in a kettle on the stove? Just this week, February 13, 2001, for the first time in our national history, the Feds marched into the Indianapolis Baptist Temple (IBT) announcing to praying parishioners (praying people are really dangerous) that the building in which they conducted their religious activities now belonged to the Federal Government. As the Bible defines it, “church” is not a building, but rather, a group of Christ-believers a.k.a saints (1 Corinthians 1:2). It is a living, breathing organism.

What was the crime of the IBT Christ-followers? Rev. Greg Dixon and his church members had decided the various church-organization employees had the right to pay their own taxes required from their paychecks. Churches are not required by law to pay taxes in our U.S. of A., if they abide by the 501(c)(3) tax regulations. Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily journalist, has written that an Indianapolis federal judge, Judge Sarah Barker, chose to seize this church building because the church administration “refused to deduct withholding and payroll taxes from employees’ paychecks,” allowing employees to accept this responsibility for themselves.

Isn’t this “separation of church and state” as our Constitution supposedly requires? If you review the records, you will see the IRS didn’t lose any revenue from the IBT. Church employees paid their taxes individually. In fact, there is no record of the government implying it had lost money from the church.

What’s the problem here? Richard Hammar, attorney for the Springfield, Mo.-based Assemblies of God Church, said, “To have the IRS come in and seize the church’s property, that is an extraordinary event unparalleled in American history.” The website,, has decided a precedent has not been set by court order for willy-nilly church seizure, depending on the whim of federal agencies and judges. What happened to separation of church and state? It wasn’t expedient for the IRS to respect this supposed separation when church officials didn’t bow down and kiss the IRS’ feet by paying taxes the way IRS bigwigs wanted them paid. It didn’t matter to IRS that there was no money in arrears, it was just that IBT chose to allow their employees to pay their own taxes–which they did! Where’s John Ashcroft when we need him? The frog in the now warm water will soon be overcooked. Where are the church saints?

More gun laws—more crime

That’s what they are saying in Maryland. According to the Uniform Crime Report released by the FBI in October, Maryland, in spite of gun control laws, is No. 4 in violent crime and has America’s highest robbery rate. The Maryland Citizens Defense League blames Democrat Governor Parris Glendening for creating “the safest working conditions in these United States” for professional and wannabe robbers.

The CATO Institute reminds us Israel and Switzerland, where gun licenses are easily obtainable for law-abiding citizens, have low rates of homicide. Where would Israeli citizens be today if they were unable to defend themselves against Arafat’s thugs? David Lampo of CATO says, “The basic premise of the gun control movement, that easy access to guns causes higher crime, is contradicted by the facts, by history and by reason.” Maybe we all should employ armed guards like Rosie O’Donnell and other gun-law goons.

Back to Florida

Remember all the brouhaha about the Florida election results? How could we forget? The February issue of School Reform News reports, “Almost half (49%) of the 17th Congressional District–are functionally illiterate, according to the 1992 National Adult Literacy Survey” while discussing the Miami-Dade and Broward County election results in Florida. Could the answer really be that easy? Is illiteracy the problem? If that’s the case, why are the liberal politicians not telling us the truth? Where are tutoring facilities? Are these illiterate voters not given assistance at the polls? I still haven’t been able to get an answer as to whether military ballots were counted. If not, why not?

Rockford happenings

Father John Earl, former Rochelle priest, has been sentenced to 30 months probation and the responsibility of reimbursing the Northern Illinois Women’s Clinic owner for damages he did to that facility when he chose to crash his car into it. I don’t know Father Earl; however, I can certainly understand his feelings of helplessness for all the innocent, unborn babies’ lives legally terminated in the Women’s Clinic. His choice to ram his car into the Women’s Clinic building is a choice unacceptable to pro-lifers just as frustrating as pro-choicers’ choice to terminate an “unplanned” pregnancy. Fr. Earl certainly needs our prayers and love.

Speaking of doing things “for the children,” where are these homeowner school tax increase supporters while unborn “children” systematically, legally have their lives terminated at the abortion clinic in Rockford? These “children” never get a chance to enter a schoolhouse door.

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