View From the Right: Truancy—illiteracy—malnutrition—juvenile detention—jail incarceration!

View From the Right: Truancy—illiteracy—malnutrition—juvenile detention—jail incarceration!

By Judy J. Howard

Did you get that? That’s what’s happening here in Rockford. Unfortunately, Rockford is not the only place this is happening. Public school grades keep plummeting while jails keep overflowing. Politicians and educators are guilty of blindly telling voters/taxpayers they need more money to solve the problem.

Obviously, there is a correlation between truancy, illiteracy and jail incarceration. How much money do we need to keep pumping into the system before we investigate the root of the problem and fix it? Open your minds, readers! We don’t need to look very far to find this root. Everyone knows responsible parents raise responsible children who seldom land in jail. The flip side of that is, irresponsible parents raise irresponsible children who DO land in jail.

Are you telling me parents are at fault if their truant, illiterate children commit crimes and are incarcerated? Absolutely, with a little help from liberal do-gooders. Thanks to former Democrat President Lyndon Johnson and his liberal cohorts, the working man’s wages have been channeled into welfare wages for non-working, disadvantaged people, particularly those with children. Liberals called it the Great Society. We thinking conservatives know, that is “redistribution of wealth” as preached by those of the socialism/communism ilk.

When we watch these truant, illiterate children enroll in the prison system, we can blame the Democrat Great Society for deteriorating into the Democrat Illiterate, Incarcerated Society. Legal child endangerment funded by legal theft of the working man’s wages. Our Republic has melted down into a muddy heap of democratic majority rule. Responsibility has been tossed out the window.

This brings us back to the problem of what to do about children being raised by unstable, irresponsible parents. We’ve decided the Democrat “redistribution of wealth” has been catastrophic while giving money to irresponsible parents who raise irresponsible children. So where do we go from here?

Many well-meaning citizens and organizations have attempted to give these unfortunate children some semblance of security, handing out food, clothing and, in some cases, housing. But the bottom line has been ignored. If these children are not taught responsibility and literacy along with their improved health and housing conditions, they will continue to expect the so-called wealthier citizen to bail him/her out, even in adulthood.

These children must be removed from their unreliable, irresponsible parents. Orphanages are not as rare and radical as many think. They are group homes with responsible caretakers. If you research orphanages on various computer search engines, you will find they are quite common.

These children are fed, clothed, housed and taught responsibility in a positively structured life for them.

Biological parents must be removed from welfare rolls, forcing them to work for their living. Of course, some of them will continue to buy and sell drugs or sex rather than do legitimate work, living in air-conditioned cell blocks. But the percentage of incarceration will decrease. This is where the well-meaning citizens can do society a favor by teaching the now off-welfare parents reading and ultimately a vocation. As an orthodox Christian, I would add a relationship with Almighty God into this solution.

I know what you are thinking and the names you are calling us conservatives who believe this. But changing society is not an impossibility, although it will take at least a generation before the Democrat Great Society is demolished.

It’s another big hurdle for American society to jump. But we are a young nation, still a toddler compared to European and Asian nations. If we make the effort, we can learn from the failures and successes of those nations. The Roman Empire fell when the emperors over-taxed the citizens. We have a long way to go and lots of lessons to learn.

Judy Howard is a wife, mother and grandmother who is politically active in our community.

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