View From the Right: Why not land for peace, Mr. President?

View From the Right: Why not land for peace, Mr. President?

By Judy Howard

Why not land for peace, Mr. President?

In his book, The Clash of Civilization, Harvard author Samuel P. Huntington writes while discussing future world politics, “in this new world—great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural.” As we all know, religion is the identifying force of “cultures.” Ancient Greeks were identified culturally by various gods of fertility, beauty, war, health and innumerable others. Today we have Buddhism, Hinduism, animism, and yes, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Since the 9/11 World Trade Center/Pentagon attack, militant Islamists tell us they are at war with Judaism and Christianity. A religious war! Politicians have made a distinct division between “peaceful” Islam and “militant” Islam. It would seem that is correct; however, why has there been a deafening silence from Islamic clerics about the 9/11 attack? We have seen Islamic clerics praying with other religious representatives, but no one has come forward explaining why orthodox militant Muslims spew vehement hatred for Christians and Jews.

Mohammed Junaid’s mother was employed in the Twin Towers, escaping the inferno with NY firefighters and policemen’s help. Yet Mohammed says he feels “no remorse” for the “Americans inside.” “I may hold an American passport,” he said, “but I am not an American—I am a Muslim.” That says it all. Militant Muslims see Americans as wealthy, living a good life. So they hate Americans—or as they identify us—infidel Jews and Christians.

Pakistani Christians have been brutalized since 9/11. “The Christians are very scared,” Pakistani army officer Capt. Mark Rahim said. (Chicago Tribune, 9/25/01, “Native Christians very scared of attacks.”) Anti-American mobs dragged and beat five Christian families in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. A local Christian restaurant owner served a meal to Muslim men who refused to pay. When the Christian restaurant owner protested, the Muslim men yelled, “Take your payment from America,” while beating him to death.

In Jos, Nigeria, a Christian woman walking in front of a mosque was attacked and killed. Nearly 1,000 people were subsequently massacred. (CBN News, 11/6/01). Orthodox Muslims hate anyone professing the Judeo-Christian ethic. In fact, militant Islam teaches they will go to paradise if they die killing Jews and Christians.

Israeli Jews have been targets of militant Muslims in a religious war for decades, with the U.N. insisting “land for peace” is necessary. Media, broadcast and print, purposely ignore militant Muslim terrorism against Israeli Jews and Christians worldwide. On November 4, 2001, two school children were killed when a “Palestinian terrorist” began shooting at a school bus. Fifty other Israelis were injured. (ICEJ News from Jerusalem, 11/5/1) Had this been Muslim school children killed by Jews or Christians, it would have been headlined in newspapers.

In a New York Times Op-Ed, Salman Rushdie writes, “Yes, this is about Islam. If this isn’t about Islam,” he continues, “why the worldwide Muslim demonstrations in support of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda?” He also discusses the much-repeated Islamic slander that ‘the Jews’ arranged the WTC hit. Bin Laden, Rushdie reminds us, wants to rid Saudi Arabia of “American military infidels desecrating the sacred soil of Saudi Arabia.”

Interestingly, President Bush has no problem identifying Osama bin Laden and his gang as terrorists; however, Palestinian terrorists are ignored. In fact, he tells Prime Minister Sharon to remove military machinery from terrorist Palestinian “strongholds,” rewarding them “land for peace.” President Bush, if Prime Minister Sharon must not defend himself and his country against terrorist attacks, why do you insist America “defend ourselves” against “evil” bin Laden terrorists? Would “land for peace” satisfy bin Laden? Is not this total hypocrisy?

If we don’t recognize this as a religious war, Islamists vs. Christians and Jews, we are all biblically illiterate and “willingly ignorant.” No amount of “land for peace” will resolve it.

Militant Islamists want Christians and Jews eliminated.

Japan prefers umbilical cord stem cells usage

According to, 11/9/01, Japanese doctors have just transplanted their 500th cord blood from a newborn baby’s umbilical cord. Dr. Hidehiko Saito has said, “Embryonic cord blood banks have been collecting Japanese babies’ umbilical cord blood for several years.” Are Japanese physicians wiser than American physicians, who insist aborted babies’ cells should be used for ill patients and research? Dr. Saito has said that if cord blood stem cells are used, an exact match of donor and patient isn’t required. Do you suppose American physicians, researchers and pro-abortion politicians are looking for another way to support abortion?

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