View From The Right: Yes, skeptics, there are WMD

In fact, they are flying our skies. How do you think the Twin Towers were demolished? Just how do you define “weapons of mass destruction?” How many people have to be killed? Have you heard anyone describe airplanes as “weapons of mass destruction?” Why not? Liberal journalists, politicians and actors display ignorance and lack of common sense. How many airplanes filled with passengers continue flying over heads of potential victims daily?

Middle East News regularly shows men, women and teen-agers strapped with cheap, powerful explosives sauntering into restaurants, grocery stores and coffee shops pulling the trigger, dying as religious martyrs. How many innocent people have these “weapons of mass destruction” destroyed?

Daily, cars and pickup trucks packed with explosives driven by fanatical Muslim men and boys are aimed into carefully chosen buildings, only to explode along with innocent citizens. Aren’t these “weapons of mass destruction”?

In their religoius naievete, fanatical Islamic religious men and boys park donkey carts loaded with explosives outside buildings filled with people they don’t like, including non-extremist Muslims, and remotely push the trigger. More “weapons of mass destruction.”

Wake up, politically ignorant politicians, journalists and so-called actors! Your politics are downright stupid! If these “weapons of mass destruction” are not stopped overseas, before long, martyrdom will flourish in America. When will faux politicians/journalists expose the root of this hatred–fanatical, extremist, ungodly Islamic clerics preaching in their mosques religious war and martyrdom.

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