Viewpoint: 9/11 probe an obvious sham and farce

The smell around the “investigation” of 9/11 is growing stronger. The release of the 858-page final report of the “independent” commission told us little we did not know or hadn’t surmised. There was nothing of real substance in it. It wasn’t helped any by President Bush’s appointment of Rep. Porter Goss to head the CIA.

Last week, Michael Moore, the controversial filmmaker who produced Fahrenheit 9/11, released some previously unseen footage of Goss made six months ago when he was interviewed by Moore’s production company.

In that interview, Goss said he doubted he could get a job with the CIA. Goss lacks only Senate approval to officially take over the agency. Thirty years ago, the Florida Republican served in Army intelligence and the CIA; but just a few months ago, he told Moore: “I couldn’t get a job with the CIA today. I am not qualified. I don’t have the language skills.”

Goss explained: “My language skills were Romance languages and stuff. We’re looking for Arabists today. I don’t have the cultural background probably. And I certainly don’t have the technical skills, as my children remind me every day: ‘Dad, you’ve got to get better on your computer.’ So, the things that you need to have, I don’t have.”

Language and technical skills aren’t all that Goss lacks. Try honesty and ethics. President Bush called this guy a reformer. Some reform. Goss and Sen. Bob Graham, who jointly chaired the 9/11 commission, have dubious links to Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), which is known to support al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

More than that, the FBI and other intelligence sources, say the ISI played a role in financing the terrorist attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. Graham and Goss were fully aware of the part played by the former chief of the ISI, Gen. Mahmoud Ahmad.

But you read nothing of all that in the final report. It hinted at “Saudi support and involvement” in 9/11, but never mentions that the Pakistani government, its military and intelligence agency, have been active supporters and financiers of a number of terrorist organizations with the full support of the U.S. federal government. That support is amply documented. (Council on Foreign Relations at

The commission blamed 9/11 on an “intelligence failure.” Sydney (Australia) Indymedia asked: “Was it an intelligence failure to seek the cooperation of the Pakistani government in the ‘war on terror’ in an agreement brokered by the head of the ISI, a spy agency, which is known to support the Islamic brigades?”

That support to Islamic terrorist groups continued both before and after 9/11, despite the Pakistanis’ pretense of “cooperation” with Washington.

Late in August 2001, hardly a couple of weeks before the attacks, Sen. Graham, Rep. Goss and Sen. John Kyl were in Islamabad for top level meetings with President Pervez Musharraf and high-ranking officials of the ISI, including Gen. Mahmoud Ahmad.

Reports by the FBI, Indian intelligence and several press organizations, say that Gen. Ahmad was key in providing financial support to the 9/11 hijackers. He allegedly ordered the transfer of $100,000 to reputed lead-hijacker Mohamed Atta.

And where was Porter Goss on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001? Why, he and his sidekicks, Graham and Kyl, were having a cozy little breakfast meeting with none other than Gen. Ahmad. The breakfast also was attended by Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan’s ambassador to the U.S. Several members of the Senate and House intelligence committees also were present.

This is the same Porter Goss who got up Oct. 9, 2002, on the floor of the U.S. House, according to the Congressional Record, and declared the attack of 9/11 “was delivered by depraved men.”

That same day, Goss stated: “Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and their radical ilk are at the epicenter of terrorist activity in the Middle East. Nobody doubts that. It is not debatable. President Bush, Prime Minister Blair and others have made convincing cases about the threats the despotic Iraqi regime poses to world peace and stability today—today as well as tomorrow.”

Goss went on to spout the complete party line about weapons of mass destruction and claimed evidence showed Iraq had ties to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups and that Iraq was involved “in the first and probably the second World Trade Center bombing.”

So here is a former CIA agent who did not study something that did happen–his breakfast with Mohamed Atta’s bagman–while strongly advocating a war based on a “threat” to the U.S. that did not exist. Yeah, let’s put him in charge of the CIA.

If you wonder who is smoking what in this deal, go to the Web site of the Center for Cooperative Research and type in “Goss” and read what comes up. And this is the guy who was supposed to “reveal the truth about 9/11.”

Out in Sacramento, Calif. the other day, they screened a new video called 9/11 in Plane Site. It left its viewers both stunned and very angry. The video is made in two parts. The first part runs 52 minutes and is tailored for showing on television. The second part has more film plus analysis and is digitally mastered so all details are razor-sharp and clear.

The program presents actual film from Sept. 11 and analysis focusing on the Pentagon and the twin towers of the WTC. The video takes the news feeds from CNN, Fox, the BBC and others, and slows them down. What you see is not what you thought you saw.

Live footage from the Pentagon captures what most did not see because of the smoke and confusion. The footage shows the reality close up. When it was over, a retired vet said: “How did we miss this all this time? I’ve seen media clips of the front of that building [Pentagon] many times, but I wasn’t really seeing what was there. I feel sick.”

One riveting interview was with Mark Burnback, at the time an employee of Fox News. He was near the path of the second plane that struck the World Trade Center. He got a very good and lengthy look at the aircraft.

Burnback said the aircraft that hit the tower was not a commercial airliner. It had no windows and bore some type of blue logo on the nose, Burnback said. He added: “This plane wasn’t from around here or anything you’d see take off from the airport.”

Additional footage presents several women who also had a good view of that second plane. They were yelling: “That wasn’t American Airlines…It wasn’t American Airlines going into the building.” Their interviews were aired once on Fox News and never heard or seen again.

Other parts of the video reveal a flash from the nose of the second plane just before it strikes the tower and also shows a “pod” under the aircraft. The flash is seen from four different angles from four different cameras. The one bit of footage of the first plane to hit the buildings also showed a flash just before hand.

The Defense Department has released only one bit of film of the front of the Pentagon, raising the question of where is the rest of the film? That building had numerous cameras around its perimeter, but no pictures are available to show what happened there.

The video brings up a good many questions still lingering around 9/11. As one woman said: “If these weren’t commercial airliners, where are those flights? Where are the passengers? My God, what really happened that day?”

That’s the $64 million question. When the lights came up again after the showing, there was a lot of anger and shock vented. As one man said on his way out of the theater, “It’s time to get this on PBS and every investigative news program on TV. We need answers.” The Bush administration hopes to keep those answers out of reach.

Source: Sydney, The Guardian,

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