Viewpoint: 9/11 questions need congressional investigation

Viewpoint: 9/11 questions need congressional investigation

By Joe Baker

By Joe Baker

Senior Editor

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.—Arthur Schopenhauer

Recently, an unidentified American complained to a media source: “Ramsey Yousef proclaimed after his first failed attempt to topple the WTC, ( in 1993) that ‘next time they would take down BOTH towers!’ On 9-11-01 his promise was carried out. WHY was absolutely NOTHING done by our government to better protect those two buildings and the poor innocents who perished there needlessly?

“It’s not like we didn’t know ‘they’ were trying to bring them down. We had eight years to prepare, yet we did NOTHING! We practically invited them to blow up the twin towers. Is it any wonder they finally got around to actually doing it? What was stopping them? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!”

Many Americans have similar questions, but there are no answers coming from the federal government. What is going on here?

If you were to suggest to the average person on the street that their own government knew the September tragedies were coming, you would be met with a look of incredulity and greeted with a horse laugh. The horse laugh should be directed at our intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA. Why hasn’t CIA Director George Tenet been fired?

There is more than a little evidence to point strongly at that possibility of criminal intent, or at least criminal neglect, within our government. Lay that out for the average mainstream media consumer, and you will see anger arise because of an embargo, or at least avoidence, toward governmental failure at the highest level within our corporate media.

But some related stories do leak through.

The Tampa Tribune reported that two days after the attacks, a Lear jet left the Florida city bound for Lexington, Ky. This was at a time when all civilian aircraft had been grounded by the government.

This particular jet carried a Saudi Arabian prince, son of that country’s defense minister, and also the son of a Saudi army commander, the paper said. Saudi royalty had been buying racehorses in Kentucky. When they finished their business, the two boarded a private 747 and left the country, according to the Tribune. The government says the flight never happened.

It is amazing how the same players keep turning up in these suspicious deals all over the globe. The first plane left from Raytheon Airport in Tampa. Daniel Hopsicker, author of Barry and the Boys, the story of the CIA, Iran-Contra and notorious drug smuggler, Barry Seal, traced ownership of the Lear jet to Wally Hilliard.1

Hilliard, he said, is a retired businessman who is the backer and partner of Rudy Dekkers, operator of the Venice, Fl. flight school where Mohamed Atta and his cohorts reportedly trained for the WTC and Pentagon attacks.

The FBI said they knew all about Rudy Dekkers and his operation, but they did nothing to shut it down. No explanation was offered.

Venice is a most interesting town. One block from the airport is a three-story building that was home to Beverly Enterprises, owned by one Jackson Stephens. It still houses his former law firm, Boone, Boone & Boone.

Hopsicker notes that Stephens has been linked, by numerous sources, to the National Security Agency. He also is famed for his involvement in the Mena, Ark. drug smuggling operation during Iran-Contra. He also was named in the BCCI banking scandal, the death of Vince Foster, and almost every other major government-related scandal of the past 20 years.

Stephens was a business partner of Indonesian banker, Mochtar Riady. In 1978, the two established Stephens Finance Ltd. In Hong Kong. At the time, Hong Kong was the banking center for the heroin trade, according to Prof. J. Orlin Grabbe, who detailed Stephens’ activities in a series of articles.

Stephens also was the major domestic contributor to the campaigns of George Bush, Sr. and William Clinton.

During the hearings on Iran-Contra, the Associated Press reported then-Congressman Dick Cheney, serving on the House Intelligence Committee, was a strong supporter of Lt. Col. Oliver North. North’s own diaries and the CIA Inspector-General’s reports tied North directly to cocaine smuggling in the 1980s and opening of bank accounts for a firm transporting four tons of cocaine per month. That didn’t prevent Cheney from supporting North’s bid for a Senate seat in 1994.2

Cheney was Secretary of Defense under papa Bush’s administration during Desert Storm. He directed special operations in northern Iran involving Kurdish rebels. According to Michael Ruppert, writing in Nexus magazine, the primary source of income for the Kurds for more than 50 years has been heroin smuggling from Afghanistan and Pakistan through Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

The more complete story about Cheney’s involvement in all of this can be found at the Nexus website, given at the close of this article.

Another player in the drug trade, according to several sources, is our old friend, Osama bin Laden. His currency, they say, is oil and heroin for weapons and training.

Recently, the New York Times ran a lengthy piece detailing how, as far back as 1996, the federal government knew of bin Laden’s activities and intentions, but did nothing.3

James Woolsey, the former director of the CIA, told the Times the Sept. 11 attack “was a systematic failure of the way this country protects itself. It’s aviation security delegated to the airlines, who did a lousy job. It’s a fighter aircraft deployment failure. It’s a foreign intelligence collection failure. It’s a domestic detection failure. It’s a visa and immigration policy failure.”

Despite several terroist actions and many, many indications of planned terrorist activity over the years leading up to the presidential election of 2000, there still was no government action. There was no discussion of a terrorist threat in the Bush-Gore campaign.

Robert Bryant was deputy director of the FBI. He retired in 1999. “If you understand al-Qaeda,” he said, “you knew something was going to happen. You knew they were going to hit us, but you didn’t know where. It just made me sick on Sept. 11. I cried when those towers came down.”

Where is the congressional investigation of all of this? Who is trying to find out what really happened and why? We need answers to many questions, such as: Who profited from the thousands of “put stock options” on United and American Airlines stock just before the attacks? What happened to the flight recorders from those two planes that hit the WTC? What was the role of the Carlyle Corp. in shepherding Unocal’s bid to build an oil pipeline across Afghanistan?

Those are only a few of the questions that surround Sept. 11. Now, somebody out there is demanding action. That somebody is Lori Price, operator of a website named Fallout shelter news.4 She has posted a petition to the U.S. Senate demanding a full investigation. She invites all Americans to sign it. We think we all have the right to know. Don’t you?

After all, a recent poll announced on network news showed that 75 per cent of Americans believe that JKF was assignated by the Mafia and the CIA in 1963. Will we have to wait almost 40 years to find out what really happened on 9/11/2001? Lone gunman theories are very interesting; let your senators and congressman know we want answers NOW, before its too late.


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