Viewpoint: Do the Feds own our schools?

Viewpoint: Do the Feds own our schools?

By Joe Baker

Do the Feds own

our schools?

By Joe Baker

Senior Editor

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following are excerpts from an editorial by Joyce B. Haws of the National Association for Neighborhood Schools, Inc. Some will disagree with parts of its content. Others will wholeheartedly concur. We believe it merits some reflection. The evidence is rampant in our society.

“In his inaugural address, President George W. Bush said we must reclaim our schools, and he has immediately pursued that priority.

“The term ‘reclaim’ is appropriate. For decades our schools have been used by social engineers with agendas that have all but destroyed district after district. Additionally, our schools have become diseased with the ills of our society.

“What are those ills? What can be said about our nation as we start the new millennium? Confused… twisted… impolite… uncivilized… upside down… comatose… drugged… angered… apathetic… divided… uncaring… immoral… all seem to fit at times.

“Most of us have experienced road rage first-hand. We have heard the vocabulary of both youth and adults, in which it seems every other word starts with the letter ‘f.’ We have heard the tone and loud incivility evident at gatherings of people. We have noted murder punishable by the death penalty in some instances, but a court-protected ‘choice’ in others. We have heard the so-called ‘music’ which both reflects and promotes incivility, disrespect and rage, and we have seen what is called ‘art.’

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“We are indeed confused. We don’t seem to know right from wrong or truth from lies. Bad is good; and good is bad in our twisted thinking. A Christian trying to promote good is labeled bad for his efforts. Yet, a popular black pastor, who has led by spouting venom, can father an illegitimate child, forgive himself, and return to spouting venom in a leadership role. Blacks are not alone in leaders gone astray whose influence and example we continue to condone.

“We elected and re-elected Bill Clinton, a president who argued that right and wrong depended on one’s definition of the word ‘is’—a president whom the nation ultimately refused to hold responsible for his actions, his lies and his lack of respect for the law.

“Thus, we allowed our children to learn—from the highest office in our land—that immorality, lying, defiance, mockery and disrespect are acceptable. By continuing to hold Bill Clinton in high esteem (if one believes the polls), we are saying to our children that such behavior is even praiseworthy.

“Consider also those we have elected to Congress. Observe Senator Ted Kennedy, who likewise has not seemed to know right from wrong, raging twisted accusations at John Ashcroft at his confirmation hearings for attorney general.

“Are we to look to such ‘representatives’ for legislation to protect real civil rights—men and women who think civil rights means control of who gets what and who goes where on the basis of race, color or national origin—who think civil rights are achieved when a federal judge legislates from the bench? Incredibly, such ‘representatives’ continue to be elected—not only once, but sometimes again and again, by a confused society that has decided character does not matter in our leaders.

“The real national tragedy is the comatose, drugged, deceived public allowing our nation to continue down its slippery slope and our schools to remain in the clutches of social engineers—

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and those who find temporary hiding places where they can pretend all is well and wash their hands of the whole situation.

“Only 35 percent of U.S. citizens voted in the November 2000 election, and the results of those few votes showed a very divided and confused nation (if we can believe those votes were counted without mischief in any part of our nation). What did the other 65 percent of our citizens want? Does their lack of participation not indicate that they are also confused and divided?

“Educational excellence is a national concern. However, we must carefully monitor a federal role in local schools because in reality, there should not be a federal role in education.

“We have work to do which requires citizens, not spectators. Responsible citizens. Responsible citizens are not silent. We can no longer just talk among ourselves. We must reach out to ensure that the public is accurately and adequately informed. We cannot hide in our homes and churches in a closed society—because evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

“It’s your nation; and you and your children and grandchildren will reap the results of our success or failure,” Joyce B. Haws said.

Add to Haws’ concerns the whole question of national testing requirements. Under the guise of higher achievement, are the standards of a “Brave New World” being foisted upon us?

In Winnebago County Tuesday, officials were predicting a mere 10 percent turnout in the primary election. Obviously, the same malaise that afflicts the rest of the nation also afflicts us.

We have made a start in Illinois toward taking back our schools and our society. Illinois has passed a resolution seeking a constitutional amendment to end the judiciary’s assumed power to levy or raise taxes.

Bombard your congressmen and senators to support such an amendment. Tell them we want our schools back and an end to judicial abuse.

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